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Here's the follow up list of articles we've published on UK law firms that have turned out quite popular. Let us know what you think using the vote button: At least a third of the firms we've reviewed so far have worked with us at one time or another. But this firm not only still work with Legal Aid, they have a full section talking about entitlement and how they can help you find out what assistance is available. But in all ho... It's a revelation that could very likely tip the scales in Archway's favour as clients weigh up their options . Not everyone makes the assumption that a firm set up a year ago might have more than two and a half decades of experience behind it. The official website we link ... The second is the sepecialist firm such as one that deals solely with contracts, or commercial property, or business immigration, etc. We would have thought that most property firms at least would take a vested interest in ensuring their client's online safety by doing so. I... For one, they can cover a much wider area for local matters such as crime. Confused? Don't be. Sadly there are still thousands of claims farms out there looking to get your details and sell them on to an actual law firm. Consider it like voting for a local councillor y... That's a big plus mark to be starting with. Again, that may seem a small thing to pinpoint but we've been doing this for over 20 years now. Some firms may have several years' worth of 5 star glowing reviews. However, unlike other law firms BES Legal have copious amounts o... Having been in the legal industry for over 20 years now, we're acquainted with hundreds of firms around the country and at least 'aware' of hundreds more. I have always found them to be extremely thorough."< div> Any downsides we spotted with the firm? Well, we didn't ... class="infoquote "Our aim is to provide you with professional and friendly legal advice with a view to creating a long-term solicitor client relationship."< div> A quick word on navigation as the web address is trickier than you might think. To clarify, most com... There are numerous industry award ceremonies. Many law firms have separate arms for their personal injury work or simply have a few different 'trading as' names to try different approaches and services. If you type those specific words into a search engine, thousands of fi... If you have used this firm some time ago, you may be looking for an Oonagh Mary Millar, or Oonagh Murphy at the firm. One thing they state that seems to be an increasing trend, is that they will provide a single lawyer to run the case from start to finish. If that firm... So we would have to say that the good reviews at least seem wholly genuine . Our progressive culture gives you the assurance that you are in the best possible hands to receive tailored services and achieve desired results. If people can read through a few basics beforehand ... Fixed fees are very popular these days and most law firms are moving towards this model across the whole gamut of case types as it gives the client peace of mind. So "Sole Representative Visas - A Guide" is followed by "Court appeal strips fraudulent director of all his secr... . Rightly so. Dr Ryan Herrmann has clearly had a lot of help developing his patience though There's employment advice for employers such as 'Business Restructure Advice' or 'Contracts And Policies Advice' as well as advice for employees including titles such as 'Advice For Leaving A Business' right up to 'High Court Claims And Injunctions'. So Hine Legal's exp... We aim to challenge the way legal services are delivered, by providing teams of specialist lawyers with in-depth knowledge of the markets in which we operate."< div> To be honest, practically all law firms have a statement such as this on their website. We would expect ... If you https: office 620055 integral-law-limited" check the page for this firm< a> you'll see that solicitor Michael Nemeth qualified as a solicitor in 1977 and Ziba Dastgheib in 2016. The age of company is not nearly as important from that an... excited: class="infoquote "standing in court with 15 points I walked away with a small fine"< div> class="infoquote "I pleaded 'guilty' to causing a crash whilst 3 times over the drink-drive limit. However this snippet from KTL's website certainly sounds good - a... Why is that important? Because flicking through the star ratings alone could look as though Kuddus Solicitors have as many bad reviews as good. The general consumer doesn't care about the legal industry and will only read a news piece if it's about a celebrity that's... You'd have to be quite new to the internet to get to the end of that page without realising it was a contact form, not an automated tool. She came across as very personable and real which made her very easy to talk with ... We're assuming it must have been a local television... As the only solicitors practice in Tadcaster, you might think that branding would not be a huge issue. Many firms will post comments on their website that sound vague, over-complimentary, or simply odd. Certainly, we can't fault the decision to shorten that. One is called Br... They do not waste their clientís time with what they donít need, they know the law and can explain it clearly to their clients."< div> They're not lacking in experience either with some stating 20 years' experience , a few with 18 years, a couple of 16s, a few 10s, and... On other websites, the 'Blog' or 'News' sections are sometimes just rehashes of stories lifted from the BBC website or more opportunities to sell the firm. He's worked on everything from talent employment to intellectual property, image rights, merchandising, sponsorship, li... but please don't think this means the majority of other firms charge you for a quote. But I'm also a big fan of Liverpool, despite having spent so much time face down on it's wet streets investigating cracks in pavements. If they have dozens of good reviews all written by us... When our 1to1Legal team first started out in 1999, we worked solely on personal injury claims. (Unlike divorce, crime, or similar cases where the facts of the case usually make no difference as to whether it will be taken on.) In England and Wales you should expect any ... He is himself an APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) accredited lawyer at Senior Litigator level, but now spends most of his time managing the ever growing Nesbit Law Group. With four offices long the length of the country, the Nesbit Law Group consider themselves ... You could always put that to the test? Curiously, as I mentioned before about email communication - this firm gave us another first. It is always helpful to talk to a firm that does not feel 'above' any particular case or client 'value'. He is a member of the Bar Counci... They promise to put your needs first, to provide clear and honest advice, deal with specialists, and supply the highest level of client care possible for employment law, conveyancing, dispute resolution, PPI, tenant disputes, will, trusts, and probate. The list of busin... how long they've been practising). The heavily snippeted example above is just the kind of thing claimants want to hear about the solicitor they're thinking of using. That's why we typically point people to third party review forums such as Google, Yellow Pages, Yelp and... If you haven't read any of our other reviews before this one, then the fact I'm relieved to be writing a simple review about a very straightforward firm - may come as a shock. We love Londoners. Reviews stretch as far back as 2011, but most sites display several 5 star revie... In reality, we have only 43 firms covering England. We expect to see a lot more of this in the future as other law firms catch up with the idea that someone somewhere is usually filming absolutely everything! Beyond their own services, the site also has a blog section. ... Their work for local authorities and other public bodies include advising and drafting across a range of statute and common law. They now have six conference rooms, a seminar theatre for over forty attendees, all with Wi-Fi and video-conferencing. As part of our mission to g... We didn't check misspellings, but with all that in mind and considering we're dealing with property matters - we recommend bookmarking the correct website when you're on it to avoid issues later. The site is not massive, just a handful of pages with a few brief paragraphs... The indication is that their Pro Bono offerings are mostly applied to charity and non-profit organisations rather than simply for those that can't afford to pay. One final snippet from the firm's website includes a word mentioned several times elsewhere in their conten... However they are written far more in the format of a case study than a news piece. Photos of a 'villain' and heart-breaking cliches are not included. It's only firms that state you will get 100% of your compensation that won't take a cut of your compensation at the end. The ... Paul Beecham is the firm's Insolvency Manager with over 25 years experience in corporate liquidations, bankruptcies and individual voluntary arrangements. As one of the largest independent accountancy, financial services and insolvency practices within Oxfordshire - the... Either in their case range, set up, service style, or just personality. But that's quite understandable. Let's begin with some background you might not be aware of: class="infoquote "Thamina Kabir is a British-Bangladeshi lawyer, activist, and Mrs Bangladesh Universe... But also a couple of less commonly found cases such as sports & leisure advice for sportsmen and women on a range of issues such as contracts and finance. On the business side of things they offer general business law advice, such as HR and employment matters. Dumbing d... With such long hours, we can't begrudge them the weekend off. A quick note on navigation as off the bat we saw was a completely different firm. Conversely you'll see a lot of exclamation marks and allcaps in reviews for Personal Injury firms. We... But unusually for criminal law specialists they also deal with immigration matters - and not just as an extra. Just not much use to someone uni-lingual seeking information on how well people have got on with other case types. There were only two ratings on Google Reviews, ... We always like to see staff profiles on law firm sites and Waterstones doesn't disappoint. This is not speculation either. The firm also focuses on areas of law that are more emotionally rewarding than financially. Even though they might be genuine reviews and each pe...

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