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Here's the follow up list of articles we've published on UK law firms that have turned out quite popular. Let us know what you think using the vote button: That can only benefit in the long run, surely? . However, we were pleased to see that the staff of 33 Legal treat social media in a way you would expect a firm dealing with such serious matters to do. Well f... This is often a one-day event listening to a lecturer. If there were really that many people getting away with things because of a technicality then the laws would constantly be being changed. Hammond & Trotter are not exactly cheap, but at least they'll listen to your circ... You won't find hundreds of pages about everything and anything. 'accident', 'claims', and 'scotland') Google might mess you about when searching for them. We would investigate any accident, sort out ATE insurance (legal cost coverage), and various other things we thought we... They promise round the clock access to the solicitor dealing with your case, as well as regular updates alongside the general advice they provide during the legal process. They list the benefits of their service to include competitive pricing, fixed fees where possible... It also states his color="green "... Some are directly relevant such as having worked in-house for British Airways as an advisor on employee matters or advising on contract matters at Western Union. We bought claims for sex harassment and entered into bullish negotiations ... If you haven't read any of our other review articles before this one, please do. We're usually far less colloquial and state the pros and cons of any firms along with genuine opinions that we think might be helpful. We fully expect to see this firm grow in the way it ... They end up looking like your Dad dancing a wedding. Balfour + Manson have gone for a snappy, plain logo with a lowercased "b+m" . Born in Edinburgh in 1932, Ian's grandfather and grandfather's nephew had already founded the law firm back in 1888. Ian's father, Francis... Then, should your claim actually go to Court, you will continue to be represented by the same people you've already been working with. At Barrister-Direct, your case will be handled by a team of Personal Injury Barristers right from the start. Barrister-Direct Limited has ta... Sometimes they state experience, qualifications, how long they've been a solicitor and more. Of them all though, we could only see any real extra benefit (beyond what already exists on the main site) - from the Check My Compensation information. Whether this helps the firm s... It's really not. Finally managing to convince Briffa Legal Ltd to partner with us was actually quite the coup. Here's what a few of their peers said about founder Margaret Briffa in the Chambers & Legal 500: class="infoquote "knows what she is talking about and i... Counselling, PG Dip. Conducts psychiatric occupational assessments for Insurers, Employers and Government agencies. The company was initially called CBT Rehabilitation Ltd. But what sort of qualifications and experience do their staff have? Here's a few: Wendy Amey MSc... It's universally understood that people are more inclined to scour the web for places to leave a review if they've received bad service. But apparently not to read or write reviews. Impressively their FAQs section is not a list of fake questions designed to allow them extra ... To be honest, being a qualified solicitor doesn't make you an instant businessman and we saw reports that over a thousand law firms had to close their doors each year following the recession. As for actual complaints, I don't have any to share right now other than the ... Come and see us; let's talk over a cup of tea or coffee about the issues that are on your mind. Absolutely I'm going to write a lengthy piece about this firm. Isobel Addison and Anita Arora each have about 20 years practising law, with around 10 of those years being spent at... "100% compensation" means there are no fees no matter what and the solicitor will recoup all their costs from the third party. It's all in the wording. We are more thorough than you probably need to be as a potential client. there is no need for improvement from this f... That's why we started getting barristers on board for direct access to save you time and money. information you would expect. They also offer a door knocking service. We're not sure what that means. DSL will actively go seeking to ascertain whether they have indeed move... It's unique. Can law firms straddle the line between stalwart and modern? For Edward Hands & Lewis, we'll start with a 'do they have history' question. Here is how their About Us page starts off: class="infoquote "In the latter part of the 19th Century, Joseph Han... They are a top Legal 500 practice, and winner of the Lawyer monthly magazine Family Law Firm of the Year UK 2015. The chances are at some point in your life you or someone you know is going to need the help and advice of a family lawyer. The firm's owner and Pri... Paying for a solicitor that is always too busy to talk to you is naturally infuriating. We've seen negative reviews for when the buyer seller pulls out, for incorrect local searches, for third party delays - all of which the client believed their solicitor should have ... The attentiveness to detail that you consistently displayed served to eliminate many potential issues from arising in the first place. They are also located near to Stratford Underground and Maryland station making them easily accessible from wherever you are travelling. ... This inevitably results in those articles being thin on content, but packed with extra sales pitches about the firm. Helix Law's article section on the other hand does seem to have a large number of articles aimed at the general consumer. Please note, the spelling and... By the umpteenth award, we did what most people would do - i.e. However, when clicked it currently forwards you to the official site whilst doesn't even exist. First off is the roots of the firm which started as duty solicitors at police statio... Their information is hosted on the National Solicitor's network. That means you have to check up on both the trading name, and the parent firm to get the full picture. This makes a huge difference when checking through the Legal Ombudsman's complaints database. Hunee... Someone usually has to lose in a case. The old domain name doesn't redirect properly in our Chrome browser though, only in the Windows browser. 2002 is a decent enough time for any firm to build up expertise, local contacts, and refine a system to be faster, more efficient ... Certainly our own donations have been guided by recommendations in the past. But even though the firm has merged their main brand names together, the group have opted to keep the separate Broudie Jackson Canter (now Lees) name which acted on behalf of 20 families involved in... No website came up for most we tried either. There are many things people can use to gauge whether a law firm stands out from the rest. Whilst phrases such as "totally recommend", "great firm", and "exceeded expectations" are all things solicitors want to hear about themselv... Jefferies have installed an online calculator on their website for people to see estimates of their potential compensation for things such as lost deposits, hire cars, hotel charges, plus the impact of more personal problems associated with delayed flights. They've also... That last one is quite important. No conflicts - which is nice. They also cover mortgage mis-selling by brokers and lenders, financial mis-selling, (including mis-sold PPI), as well as growing into the developing laws and cases relating to "Unfair Relationships" between bank... However: class="infoquote "We have never undertaken clinical or medical negligence claims. And obviously we think a lot of the firm otherwise they wouldn't be on our network. Hence the reason for this piece. I had to get another member of staff to come and explain why... The general site layout seems to be various snippets about why you should choose to use their services with plenty of references to their phone number. Simply put, an ABS is a firm handling legal matters that has non-solicitors owning, running, or working within the company.... So what about the barristers themselves? Stephen McCaffrey is Head of Chambers at Kings View Chambers having become a barrister in 2007. In fact we found Catherine and Stephen's names popping up on dozens of other websites either as result of work done or partn... The variant just seems to jam things up, and (which we sometimes see used for email addresses with the firm) has no actual website. This is an increasing trend amongst solicitors to indicate an understanding and empathy towards c... well, genuine. Their site doesn't say nearly as much about these services as it does for conveyance, so we can't provide you with much insight. For either commercial or residential - you really need to get on the phone to discuss your needs and get a quote. And legal process... "Law in Cornwall" is a branding trading name for Cubism Ltd. It may involve stress, cost and uncertainty. a "No Win No Fee" arrangement. Their solicitors have over 20 years experience in Personal Injury Claims. They cover a range of educational law and employment law m... However if more legal advice providers could stretch to one late night a week or one Saturday clinic a month even - such availability offers always go down well with potential clients . He therefore turned down our offer to list him on our site and preferred to stick to adv... These each typically have their own individual website and sometimes branding - e.g.
A large number of firms will proudly display ancient establishment dates such as "Founded in 1881", yet on checking their staff records you'll see not one of them has more than 1-1... For example, we often see firms stating they have 50, 100, or more "years of experience". A lot of the cliches and common exaggerations we see on most firm's websites are happily missing. That's why firms who allow you to speak to your actual solicitor BEFORE deciding... As a commercial lawyer with more than 20 years’ experience providing legal support to companies and individuals - his clients are mainly fast-growing, successful businesses for the IT, telecoms, e-commerce and communications sectors. Marcus Andreen's background in both ... They talk about their ongoing training and development programmes to "maintain the highest standards at all times". They promise to keep you advised of any cost implications of your case, to keep you fully informed of all developments in your case, to keep you informed of an... They also cover licensing (e.g. We didn't find it mentioned on the firm's own site, so be sure to ask if those offers are still available. Only the super rich will hire an expensive London expert, then fly them up to Bradford to visit them at the police station and go to cou... It's been a long time since I've seen a solicitor strike a balance between professional visuals, enough but not too much content, and a friendly feel that doesn't require photos of everyone in a pub. We'll come back to the content later, but first some background: ... Redwood Collections was created in 2009 and states it has helped over 17,000 clients so far. Why it's taken so long for such firms to create apps and online admin areas to keep clients apprised of what's going on is anyone's guess. Our typical commission rate is 15% in most ... Whilst some firms will set up a 'trading as' brand to avoid tarnishing their main company's name should things go wrong, on this occasion the 'trading as' name is the founding solicitor's own name. Either way, it's probably best to bookmark the correct site to ensure no typi... Unfortunately, unless it specifically says something like 'the providing guardian or guardians' - I think there will always be room to take it various ways. Certainly, we think it is a good sign of a good firm when they do take on such cases, because they are often tricky - ... The No Time to Lose campaign aims to raise awareness of occupational cancers and help provide solutions to help tackle this problem. Andrew Paine Director"< div> The facts, figures, and even the campaign's existence were things I wasn't aware of which is why I de... No firm is ever going to state they are 'cold' or 'unfriendly'. Conditional fee arrangement are most common amongst more difficult cases such as medical negligence claims against the NHS or severe life-changing injuries. They are overall very positive and several do commen... It's just rebranding after another merger.. But it will obviously depend on the search terms you used. There are some individual online legal document creation sites such as the one I mentioned above and which is just for wills. Being able t... They promise to provide a costs quotation and a timescale at the outset of your case. Personal Law matters handled at the firm include conveyancing, will writing, probate, Asset Protection for the Elderly, Power of Attorney, plus Trust and Inheritance Tax Planning. They... No, really. getting the full clear story from the internet was not going to be possible on this occasion. We search the regular review sites in order get a general 'feel' or spot common complaints to alert people about. Again from the Johnson's official website: class... If this amount doesn't impress you, then you've been watching too many American lawyer dramas. The fact Thompsons take rehabilitation so seriously is another huge difference in approach towards genuine 'client care'. Second time I've had to go to Thompson's and would recomm... site's owner is a private businessman, the website is a Limited company, and there isn't much readily available information as to what being 'approved' actually means?) As White Collar themselves are also a Ltd company though, there is lots of public information available su...

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