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Here's the follow up list of articles we've published on UK law firms that have turned out quite popular. Let us know what you think using the vote button: You won't find hundreds of pages about everything and anything. The correct web address is, but shows exactly the same website. The guy behind ACS, was one of the people that worked with us on that old system. ... If you prefer face to face discussions rather than emails or Skype - there will be one with an office nearby. The thing is ... This obviously means he understands the injury claims process better than most others, resulting in him being asked to present numerous lecture... Yes - it is the exact same firm. At first glance there are a few traditional indicators as to why people recommended them. I have made the right choice with the right solicitor who knows her stuff well."< div> Please note that despite the similarities in name and... We have many clients that we arrange to see in the evenings due to their work commitments and for the elderly, disabled or seriously injured due to a non fault accident we are also happy to see them in the comfort of their own home."< div> The same paragraph is also inc... as Ashworth's put it "being charged with a motoring offence can feel like a living nightmare" . We've seen the searches, we've read the emails. At 1to1Legal, we love specialists! And we can think of no greater case type where a specialist would be wanted than motoring offen... His bio on the firm's website explains the experience he's gained in various large and small law firms during the 10+ years since qualifying as a solicitor. Most firms leave this blank or use it as just another space to write nice things about themselves. One thing you need ... I can't remember the last time I spoke to someone who'd used their insurer's solicitors for an injury claim anyway? Out of Pocket Expenses< u> - everything from car hire, to smashed phones. Car hire is not cheap. Let us remove all the hassle and stress ... Again (and ... Their staff members have also moved across, taking the Aberdeen department's headcount to 16. They have "established 1888" at the top and links to their social media accounts at the bottom. Plus, as an Aberdonian myself, my experience of Balfour Manson is not limited to th... Barrister-Direct Limited has taken advantage of regulatory changes in the market, which allow Barristers to act for clients directly on a litigation basis. The aim of Barrister-Direct is to provide a modern, efficient and client centred approach to Personal Injury cases... Moreover, they also handle some case types that we rarely see targeted elsewhere such as Ecclesiastical & Canon Law. When it comes to law firms, describing one as "established" or "new" is a far more subjective game of semantics than you might think. clear, practical, ... This is with a "member of our staff who will be extremely experienced in dealing with family law" which may mean that it is not with an actual solicitor. Their "Business Angel" setup grabs considerable focus once you've delved into the site. "The Process of Buying a P... Some people may be happier talking to an older member of staff about certain things, and gender absolutely plays a role in many people's final decision about which firm solicitor to use too. Law firms that choose to specialise in a particular field are quite common. Not a na... I consider myself trained and experienced. They try to address the biological, psychological, and even social factors (I think that's more about social interactions rather than whether you're middle class or not). They do this with a 'Rapid Response' promise of getting in t... We're recommending a huge range of decent firms that can help you though. Just use the solicitor search box in the top right column of this page. So, does that philosophical or sociological disagreement give me pause in recommending the firm? Absolutely not. The... Second, there is no legal requirement for your solicitor to tell the third party that you have taken out a settlement loan - but he will have to inform them should you want to claim back the fees interest charges on the loan. An advisor will review your case and tell you wit... Reviews, information, and news articles on organisations such as the Charlotte School of Law, Colorado Senior Lobby, and even something called the Chinese Super League were popping up. Our clients are treated with a high degree of professionalism and a large proportion of ou... When choosing firms for us to recommend potential clients to, there is a check list of items we go through such as location, case types, reputation, setup, and recommendations from peers. by the way.) Despite their fondness for writing, it is not shared by the general p... Interestingly, our research into the firm introduced us to an interesting concept in the providing-info-type-article-scene. ;) Here is one I liked though, and the type of salesiness (you know what I mean) people want to see: class="infoquote "Ensuring the right ... We have staff coverage on weekdays for 14 hours per day."< div> Countrywide do display some consumer reviews on their website, but they are the standard "you deliver", "worth every penny", "would definitely recommend", "would certainly use again" reviews that you s... They involve themselves with the local community such as the http: events " Cirencester Businesswomen's Club Lunch< a>. Isobel Addison and Anita Arora each have about 20 years practising law, with around 10 of those years being spent at Davey... spouse family student visas), Civil Litigation (e.g. They set a high bar for themselves, which will say will be achieved because of their color="green "highly qualified and experienced professionals" < font> providing the color="green "highest quality service" < font> to... Vague statements about the length of time to pay, costs for failing to pay, and so on are not just errors for law firms. (Does anyone honestly know if they are saying 'worcestershire' correctly???) In 2014 there was a small name change to DSL. This allows businesses to check... So, another point to Edward Hands and Lewis. Arguments could be made about the reliability of email vs Royal Mail, but EHL has decided to express faith in technology: class="infoquote "Whilst EHL generally communicate with their clients by email, we will communica... Family Legal are specialist divorce, family and private client solicitors established in 2011 to offer clients a better way of resolving their family law issues without the hefty pricetags of instructing a city centre firm. They offer all clients an initial low-cost advice s... The reason for the quotation marks there, is that if you factor in my starting in the industry after the age of 20 then add on the fact I said I've worked in it for nearly 20 years - I must be therefore be at least 40 years old. There's not a lot of public information on the... Wills & Probate - ensure your private affairs are in order. They also run a blog with helpful information for everyone, with title such as "How will the recent changes to the UK immigration rules affect you?", "Ebola: How the Virus has Affected International Travel", "U... The latter even lists HJA's articles in the Google News search results alongside the BBC, Guardian, Times, etc. We list firms with more than a dozen office locations. Hodge Jones & Allen staff often go https: news hja-advises-uk-asians-via-bengali-radi... What would you decide? Clearly, we decided to have faith in Anupamah and her Huneewoth Solicitors setup. On this occasion, the practice areas are not mentioned. What is the difference between 'experience' and 'expertise'? Ask them. Whilst a firm may call itself Supe... So, now everything seems to be accessible from that main website rather than spread out now. The legal issues they cover such as immigration, actions against the police, employment, family law, etc. The number of staff has doubled, with nearly 300 people employed by the firm... That means customers whose flights have been cancelled or delayed can claim up to 600 Euros from the airline. They point out that things such as depreciating value of the car, road tax increases, and so on are yet to be discovered. The main people to note would probably... I recommend a phone call to confirm the ins and outs of that though. Whilst obviously focused on financial law matters, they also work on contentious probate, disputing a will, inheritance laws, personal insolvency, employment law court advocacy, and more.. For consumer... We always encourage and reward our advisers for going above and beyond what is expected of them so that we can exceed our clients' expectations."< div> Although it doesn't go into detail about what 'reward' advisers get and what kind of things constitute going 'above an... So why have we sought out such a relatively new, small chambers to add to our network? There are a few reasons, but the one that caught our eye initially was the case range. How he describes himself? class="infoquote "Renowned for my 'hands on' approach to all cases, ... They state that all the firm's partners and most of their staff grew up in the local areas such as Pontypridd and Rhondda. As mentioned, they cover personal injury, conveyancing, leasehold, mediation, power of attorney, tax planning, wills, probate, family law, compensa... A large portion of the content is devoted to help articles. that you will not be charged anything if the transaction does not go through. Lambert pugh are on the panels of all major mortgage lenders as well as being members of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme, sometimes ... "Law in Cornwall" is a branding trading name for Cubism Ltd. They are Truro-based Solicitors serving clients with legal advice, civil & commercial litigation across Cornwall. They can help with disputes between directors, intellectual property cases, partnership problems and... However neither or are for the UK law firm. That's just when they became a limited company. The firm's website obviously states they've been helping clients for over 25 years . I'm sure you've seen many law firms quoting a heritage hark... This brings me back to why it's always a good idea for firms to list each staff member's speciality. As the firm deals with property and there are still stories going around about the bank details scams, make sure you are definitely on the official website we link to a... Mancini's charity work is far too understated in my opinion. I have no hesitation in recommended [sic] Mancini Legal..." "... Next are the reviews. class="infoquote "Mancini Legal Limited was founded on 3rd August 2012"< div> If you've been on dozens of sit... Marcus Andreen is a solicitor for commercial and IT law. However, where it is not possible to determine the amount of time any work is likely to take, charges will be calculated on the basis of time spent. His website states an estimated saving of around 25% to 50% when comp... No 'compensation calculators' or 'free iPad just for enquiring!' promotions with this firm. Luckily, it's a .com rather than a, though, so confusion shouldn't be nearly as high. McShanes claim such a reputation but (thankfully) do not cover their website with crass st... Colum came to the firm after working in Hong Kong and having his own private practice in Wimbledon. To finish it off, we spotted this statement: "The firm is made up of both male and female staff of varying ages,religious beliefs and ethnic backgrounds. It's probably b... Beyond that, Qdos even provide advice lines, claims handling services (via their Qdos Broker & Underwriting Services department), consultancy services, HR Services, health & safety services, as well as taxation and VAT advice. Whilst each of those setups will have their... No they don't. That means we've seen all sorts of weird and wonderful things that those law firms have attempted over the years. It sounds like an easy request, but it really isn't. People still want their law firm to be professional, but they don't want them to be stuffy. T... On it's own, many people mistake the phrase no win, no fee as meaning there are no fees at all. Whilst you may not have to pay fees if your case fails, you could end up paying out 25% of your compensation to the law firm handling your case. As they deal with only the most co... Team - we're impressed. The same does not often apply to things such as motor offences. Here at 1to1Legal, we've found it difficult to find enough firms that deal with discrimination and unfair dismissal. He is a Higher Court Advocate (Criminal), appears regularly in th... Those definitely still exist. The same goes for their social media activity. But there are others. Sifting further it appears that people are generally overjoyed with the service provided in every way except for when it comes to conveyancing . They even have an online legal... Their Sheffield office opening https: 2014 04 taylor-bracewell-launches-opening-of-sheffield-office-in-style " was described as< a> being launched "in style" by The Sheffield Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Everyone in our office either have a relative o... I would usually have zero notes other than the person's name, and have to wing it during interviews. So why do we recommend people to The Johnson Partnership? Because the staff here at 1to1Legal have all worked in various sections of the legal industry. Often clients... All the good reviews are pretty much like the above - i.e. Whilst Thompsons Scotland specialises in the most common personal injury compensation claims (road traffic accidents, accidents at work and industrial diseases) their employment law department support Trade Un... Most of the time you are 'helped' by someone who has just quit their job stacking shelves at Morrisons. If you're a legal professional, the PPP site is worth a few minutes of your time. What first appealed to us with White Collar Legal is probably the same thing everyo...

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