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We've been in the legal industry a long time and have written dozens of review articles on law firms over the years. We've collected the best into our main website: Thankfully the legal industry is modernising and progress is speeding up in some areas. The latter is typically a full team of various staff working together with receptionists, PAs, HR department, meeting rooms, and waiting rooms with plants, magazines, and the obligatory f... So such testimonials might be worth a browse in those circumstances? class="infoquote "My family and I have used the firm for several years" "advice, support, communication and responsiveness is a masterclass in customer service" "they listened to me and clear... We've also seen a negative review of a criminal law firm because they refused to take on the person's divorce case. class="infoquote "Whenever we act for you we will provide you with a 'no fuss' service."< div> Of course all firms are going to claim being frien... etc. These redirects are an important service we think not enough lawyers pay attention to in order to protect their clients. A quick note on navigation though. Backhouse Solicitors actually display several of their https: search?q=backhouse+solicitor... Google has been moving towards a more local setup for reviews though, so sometimes you have to enter the location of the company as well as the name - e.g. But the comments posted on the Brian Barr site do include useful bits of information such as these snippets above. ... That means if you see a firm claiming a wealth of experience, you can check. The other two mean they've simply added up the years of all the staff (e.g. Take this example: class="infoquote "Bridge McFarland LLP is a leading regional law firm that holds an excep... For example, if a firm says they have '20 years experience within the firm' or '20 years combined experience' that could mean they have 5 solicitors each with only 4 years experience. So make sure you are on the correct website and never discuss payments via email. . i... For the new generations of potential clients looking up a law firm on the internet, they are simply more likely to want to use a firm called "Swift Claims" compared to "Swift & Johnson Solicitors Ltd". That's probably why only 8% of people clicked that they trusted company p... However, the 2nd two versions will likely mean that firm has added up all the years of all the staff - e.g. The site is also https secure for submitting contact details via their online form. The largest conveyancing firm in England last year had a Google review star ratin... The law is constantly changing , but law firms themselves didn't really seem to change for a few centuries. For example, www.drummond& could not exist, it would be The site is HTTPS secure for submitting your contact details v... They also seem to have bought other variants such as which is actually much more helpful and security conscious than you might think. In fact, the percentage of legal matters being resolved without the client ever having to step foot inside an ac... A quick note on navigation. Also you cannot use an ampersand in web addresses so www.edclord& is not possible. The website also features profiles of the firm's lawyers , with detailed biographies and information about their areas of expertise. EDC Lord &... Otherwise, why share your private matters with the world? We definitely recommend reading the full reviews when it comes to solicitor offices and to never just flick through star ratings. This means that if you ever find a firm only has a handful or even zero review... If they are not on your mortgage lender's panel then there could be an extra fee required (at the very least) so it's something to check on before signing on the dotted line with any conveyancer. Be aware though, in either case, most mortgage lenders will only deal w... Many firms will display accreditations and awards: class="infoquote "appointed a member of the specialist panel of Personal Injury solicitors in 2001"< div> < br> Just keep an eye out for firms which claim to be 'award-winning' in big bold letters yet never seem t... class="infoquote "Legal advice you can depend on, from people you can trust"< div> A quick note on navigation considering the alternate firms that kept popping up during our researching. So what can you use to separate them and find the firm that fits your nee... But the thing about https: terms h hnwi.asp" high net worth< a> individuals is that they usually have a range of assets all worth more than a regular person's (like everyone working at 1to1Legal) main and often only investment - their house. We know o... That's much rarer than you might think. Some examples: Girlings' Jeremy Burke qualified in 1988, Kathryn Kennell in 1996, Michelle Meakin in 2009, right up to Steevi Henderson's relatively recent qualification in 2017. Lastly some clarifications on navigation. ... One thing to remember is to match the size of the business with the size of the case range. But we have no hesitation in stating a firm with a specialist business department or a fully specialist firm like Goldsmith Bowers are far more likely to be able to help with ... class="infoquote "We have been around since 2006 but recently rebranded from Your HR Lawyer to Guardian Law"< div> A quick note on navigation as branding changes such as this aren't the only thing to pay attention to when clicking back and forth to firms online.... So what can you do to know the difference between one firm that says they are the 'leading firm' for their service versus the other 100 firms all saying they are the 'leading firm' as well? class="infoquote "Harrison's Solicitors will provide you with a professional... While their Cambridge, Cardiff, Cheltenham, London, Reading and Northampton locations cover the more wider areas of law listed on the firm's main site. However it's the independent forums most people turn to and prefer such as Facebook, Google and Trustpilot. Both sites are... Certainly a lot of firms will promise free initial discussions on their website. In these days of options and everyone wanting things instantly on their own schedule - it may seem odd to hear that many law firms have not changed their opening hours at all. However it should ... While many people will quickly jump online to share their thoughts about a restaurant or spa - they are not so eager to share how their criminal case, divorce, or employment disciplinary matter has gone. We've often said that it's better to have a 40 year experienced lawye... 'kee solicitors in aberdeen'. But the claims are not unique. So we know a lot of the changes that have occurred and Family Law representation has seen it's fair share of those. So if you have flicked through a dozen firms saying they are experts in family matters, how can... People simply aren't as quick to discuss their divorce, criminal proceeding, or child custody battle in a review forum. This can be very useful when trying to work out whether a firm has genuine experience or is simply claiming to have such on their website. Sadly, not all... That's the difference to watch for. class="infoquote "LS Legal Solicitors is a multi-service, specialist, diverse and dynamic law firm"< div> It's a misconception that any firm stating a wider case range must therefore spread their time between such cases and ... class="infoquote "Specialising in Residential and Commercial Conveyancing, Family Law, Personal Injury, Wills & Probate and Powers of Attorney."< div> This is another word that can confuse people when it comes to legal services - 'specialising'. The quote... class="infoquote "I am available to undertake criminal legal aid agency work."< div> Again this is another statement that you might let slip by , but since the '90s there have been increasing efforts by each goverment to decrease the number of people that can q... They are not the be-all and end-all of important things to check. At the moment Google seem to have changed their setup so that you cannot search for reviews on a firm in general - only on a specific office location. This offers huge advantages when trying to verify a... For example, there is a big difference between a firm saying it has '50 years experience' versus '50 years of combined experience' or even '50 years experience within the firm'. That's well over 50 years between just the two of them. Make sure you're on the correct site ... Those are all great things to be as a law firm, but certainly there are no firms claiming to be the opposite. Other positive things that stood out to us was the firm's attempts to provide information on their site. class="infoquote "At SG Murphy Solicitors we... Which is reflected on their website where they state a list of local charities they are involved with as well: class="infoquote "Nicholson Jones Sutton Solicitors are proud patrons of: Inspiringirls, East Cheshire Eye Society, The Elizabeth Foundation, East Cheshire H... So how do they compare? class="infoquote "dealt with the case very professionally and promptly" "made everything easy for me understand each step of the claim" "extremely helpful and kind" "was in constant communication with me throughout"< div> The revi... The best resource we've found is The Law Society of England & Wales website which is packed with useful details such as contact details, all office addresses, practice areas, and staff qualification dates. That's becomes even more important to remember due to... Keep safe and keep aware. However you can actually look up the level of experience within most legal practices of England & Wales. Claiming you get better personalised attention within a smaller firm rather than be lost in the crowd. It seems that no matter what a firm is, t... This is a very good example of why. For example whilst Cambridge has a full 5 stars, the London office has only 3.5 stars at the time we checked. class="infoquote "We are a modern and progressive law firm, and operate a new legal services business model"< div> U... etc. So you'd think we'd always have an arsenal of tools to research any firm we come across. So how do Thaxted fare on these independent forums? class="infoquote "very thorough and knowledgeable, and gave me great advice on my case which is quite complicated" ... class="infoquote "conscientious, approachable and methodical in her approach" "She was quick to turn the case around in my favour and the outcome was great" "Gained more than I was expecting" "I felt supported during the delicate situation I am experiencin... It's a difficult thing to judge. class="infoquote "We strive to resolve legal matters in a non-confrontational way – we prefer to resolve disputes outside of the courts through mediation and arbitration."< div> A quick note on navigation. That's because it is... There are firms which will state they 'specialise' in a wide range of legal matters including immigration. Immigration is also a quickly changing area of law , so whether you choose a specialist firm like UVS Law or a specialist solicitor within a larger firm - it is clearl... They also have example prices publicly displayed on their website rather than just saying to call for a quote. Far too many people have https: finance personalfinance 1782733 scam-warning-home-deposit-hackers-online" handed their house deposit to fraudst... But as mentioned above this firm is typically branded as 'Waterstone Partnership Solicitors' with their official site at which is https secure. Because although practically every law firm has a website these days, what if the firm you've been recommend... It's not enough to just say you are a specialist. The law and requirements are complex and they are always changing."< div> This second quote from the firm's own website highlights why some areas of law require a specialist that pretty much eats, sleeps, and drinks the... Although our services are often Barrister led, we use a range of lawyers and legal associates on a matter to ensure the most cost effective solution to our clients."< div> Another third party website we often recommend is that of The Law Society of England & Wales. ... Keep aware of which site you are on and never discuss payment details via email.. This is because the majority of people involved in a property transaction experience problems, delays, and general misery. For example 'wilford smith solicitors sheffield' brings up totally dif... class="infoquote "handled in a professional manner and in a timely fashion" "Always available with advice and to answer any questions" "responsive, supportive, positive" "very professional and made me feel at ease"< div> Those are some snippets from the p... class="infoquote "You will find us approachable, straight-forward and responsive."< div> Unfortunately there is often a lot of sales-pitchy language on any law firm's website. Commentaries from other businesses willing to stamp their approval have more weight in ... We've often praised The Law Society of England & Wales for its excellent user side offering. Since both sides always blame the other person's solicitor - you can pretty much guarantee at least one negative review in almost every single transaction. If you've trawled... No matter how many offices it gets, most businesses in Wales tend to have a local feel to them. The same for anything in Scotland above the Edinburgh Glasgow line. That's because hardly anyone is ever happy with how long it takes and there are always problems (most of whic... However, there are no 200-year old lawyers out there waiting to take your case. Currently, we are helping clients with their Wills, Probate, Divorce and Conveyancing needs."< div> One of the best independent resources we are always recommending to people is The Law S...

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