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We've been in the legal industry a long time and have written dozens of review articles on law firms over the years. We've collected the best into our main website: A City Law Firm has been on our network for a while now and has many aspects about it you may have come across in your search for legal help and wondered what it means or where you can get more information. At this point we should also mention the firm's branding an... However, that is not the case. Even for property sales firms. So when it comes to legal services you really need to actually read the comments rather than flick through just the star ratings in order to get the full picture. Most importantly they will show the areas of la... A quick note on navigation. "< div> < br> The main thing is to feel confident in the professional you are talking to, no matter what industry. It's a great resource to bear in mind. So 6x staff members with 5 years of experience = 30 years of experience 'withi... So we always recommend reading through comments when looking up a firm rather than simply flicking through star ratings. But luckily if you are in England or Wales you are able to check these claims independently. However, some firms employ paralegals to do most of the wor... 'brian barr solicitors manchester'. But the comments posted on the Brian Barr site do include useful bits of information such as these snippets above. But expertise is not the whole story. The reason people prefer the public boards such as Google, Trustpilot, Facebook... class="infoquote "We immerse ourselves in our clients' sectors so that we can deliver enhanced legal services and expertise. The official site is and at the moment does not redirect you there. Directories often cram in as many f... Solicitors may work with The Law Society. Because property matters have been targeted by scammers more and more in recent years. Again, many people end up picking the conveyancer they like without checking with their mortgage provider first which can cause issues. cl... So make sure you are on the correct website and never discuss payments via email. . Be careful though as some firms use sneaky marketing jargon to make you think they have far more experience than they do. So when you see a firm stating they are good with clients like the s... class="infoquote "Wherever possible, we aim to deal with claims on a "no-win, no-fee basis" which means that you are only liable for legal fees where we are successful in making your claim."< div> There are two things to note about this statement. It's just that... Most law firms will be able to cover much larger areas . So when you see a solicitor's practice has hardly any reviews that doesn't always mean something negative. There are also a couple of firms using the name "Cook Legal", one of which is based nearby in Birkenhea... class="infoquote "As a compassionate law firm, we take pride in representing vulnerable clients."< div> Most people, when they read stuff about previous clients, will immediately jump to the prior customer reviews. Today's article covers a specialist law firm. T... If you https: organisation people 591481 cullimore-dutton-solicitors-limited?Solicitors=True" check out the page< a> for Cullimore & Dutton's staff for example you'll see a full list with clickable names for further information on eac... We see many legal practices touting 'established in' dates with the obviously intention of implying they are more experienced and well-established than others. class="infoquote "CWJ is a progressive modern practice that operates proactively on its clients' behalf by ... For example, a Personal Injury case may have zero costs up front or even at the end of the case since lawyer fees are typically paid by the third party. The firm's official site is but is not owned by them. There are hundre... Many law firms have started offering this service and using this process but there are also a number of firms being created specifically to focus on this way of dealing with a legal matter. But here is a explanatory snippet from the https: scotl... The official website follows the firm's name so as the firm is not 'Drummond & Miller' as we've seen some people searching for on here. Make sure to read the comments to see what kind of things might be being complained about or what things the firm ... We've been working with law firms for over 20 years and rarely have we seen such a collection of experience within one firm. Domain names are only around £10-£15 a year, so we don't understand why so many property firms don't buy at least a few of the variants ... Each section includes detailed information about the relevant legal issues, along with case studies that illustrate the firm's experience and expertise in each area. Google has changed so that sometimes you have to enter in the full name of a firm and it's location in orde... That of a sizeable, high street office with experienced professionals - but not in the old style of solicitors some of us might remember from the pre-2000s. This means that if you ever find a firm only has a handful or even zero reviews, don't take that as a negative ... Serving clients nationally."< div> That's the tagline for the Eve Lake website which is an example of a Licensed Conveyancer. If they are not on your mortgage lender's panel then there could be an extra fee required (at the very least) so it's something to check on b... So if you find minimal or even zero reviews for a law practice that shouldn't be taken as a negative sign. Be aware that ampersands can't exist in website URls so www.foster& will either return an error or redirect you to search results depending on which b... We also include specialist firms where we can for every area of law. class="infoquote "We work with law firms in other jurisdictions, where we have close links and strong personal relationships, in order to achieve our clients’ objectives."< div> Howeve... For all we know their 'award' might be for best logo design which doesn't really affect how good their legal services are. Be aware that is a totally different firm doing Lettings. You can make a claim if your symptoms are triggered or made worse as a resu... class="infoquote "Flexible, quality service by experienced staff. class="infoquote "Specialists at Commercial Debt Recovery and Litigation"< div> We often get asked whether a smaller specialist firm is better than a large general practice firm. So don't d... is not currently owned by the firm and there will be plenty of variations like it also un-owned. Call someone you know at the firm immediately. Although, sadly, since everyone has allowed Google to take over what people get to see online - that... This doesn't seem to be just a gimmicky extra to target people. While their Cambridge, Cardiff, Cheltenham, London, Reading and Northampton locations cover the more wider areas of law listed on the firm's main site. It's dedicated to helping people who have been injured di... For newer firms this might be more difficult. 95% Cases Won. We've often said that it's better to have a 40 year experienced lawyer working for a firm that's only been going for 1 year versus a 1 year experience lawyer working for a firm claiming 'established in 1881' or o... For law firms there may be far less reviews than you expect. So on this occasion the person actually handling your case should have 30+ years of experience under their belt. Many amazing firms with a long histories have only a handful or even zero reviews. Some may offer a ... But the 'high street solicitor office' handling a wide range of cases was more common. Hopefully one day the Scottish database will be as good as the English (which is a tough thing to say as a Scottish firm ourselves!) class="infoquote "informative, professional and ... The brand could be 120 years while all their solicitors qualified 6 months ago. Clearly there is a great deal of potential experience within the firm, spanning the past six decades . class="infoquote "communication was great, always advising" "the team was really h... If a firm has only 1-2 solicitors but handles every case type under the sun - then it's fair to assume they are not as experienced or up to date as a firm with several solicitors each focusing on one or two areas of law. However there's a big difference between a solicitor ... Only the rich and well established firms could afford a larger advert in such publications. It's strange to think the internet has only been with us just over two decades because it really feels as though the way in which we shop and hire services has changed more in those... So that could be 5 members of staff each with only 4 years of experience. A quick note on navigation though, because the official site is with hyphens. The age of the firm's logo should not influence your decision. class="infoquote "I re... A quick note on navigation should be made with the firm having an 'and' or '+' sign in it's branding. For example if you type 'mccarthy and co in clonakilty' you will see data for that office. This offers huge advantages when trying to verify a law firm or lo... In fact, when we searched for 'SG Murphy's firm on their website it said no such firm existed. SG Murphy Solicitors does display some reviews on their website . We had to search for the exact firm name which was entered as 'S.G Murphy' with the full stop. Unless you put tha... There is a theme of 'listening' and 'caring' repeated throughout many. If you visit the Nicholson Jones Sutton Solicitors' website it may look exactly like a dozen other law firm sites you've visited today. Certainly people prefer independent forums over company provid... For example, the .com version of the firm's site is not in use and they have a separate website for their property sales information at Noticing things like this are hugely important as thousands of people have been https: Another note on navigation. class="infoquote "fast, efficient and easy to get hold" "resolved the matter very quickly" "was always available to help me through the process"< div> Those are a few snippets from the reviews we saw for Sarah Rostamlou-An... Why is this important? Because not every law firm will state their levels of experience and some may even use unclear language to make people think they have more experience than they actually do. They provide information such as each firm's trading names, alternate contact ... But when it comes to legal services it's not unusual for people to spend considerable effort flicking through various firm's websites looking to see which looks right for them . class="infoquote "We are one of the largest law firms in Essex & East London, with office... Conveyancing firms normally have the lowest ratings out of legal services on the web. For this firm you'll see they have lawyers Helen Jones and Melissa Thomas who both qualified in 2005, as well as newer members to the legal profession such as Gemma O'Callaghan who qualifie... That's because there are problems and delays in a house transaction 99.9999% of the time. Here's the first quote from their site we'll discuss: class="infoquote "The Law Partnership Solicitors have been based in Coventry, West Midlands for 20 years"< div> It may... The official site is which is HTTPS secure for submitting your personal details on their contact form. So what's the difference between using a firm like this and simply buying a "Will Kit" off Amazon? Certainly the immediate cost to you ... Be careful of such wording on other sites. While it's very (very, very) easy to assume all government officials are corrupt and take bribes, it shouldn't be necessary if your lawyer has the skills required. So how do you find the best immigration service for your particul... These are just some ideas on what to notice about a firm rather than relying on the sales-pitch. These are some snippets and they are clearly positive. Sadly, the up and coming generation doesn't seem as savvy when it comes to spotting an advert. class="infoquote "ex... For example, for Waterstone they list solicitors Rayhan Ahmed who qualified in 2009, Akeel Hussain (2015), and others right up to Akaash Hussain who joined the profession in 2021. Keep safe. . Especially in the legal industry, because firms that handle property matters can ... class="infoquote "Unlike most law firms in England and Wales we offer both Solicitors and Barristers in one firm."< div> This statement on Wildcat Law's site is another that stood out to us as important. Whilst many firms claim huge histories with tag lin... Please note the firm is not called 'wilford and smith' and if you are ever dealing with a firm with an 'and' in the middle - you cannot have ampersands in web addresses such as www.wilford& This is all important because law firms that deal with property matt... Unfortunately Scottish and Irish consumers don't have a similar facility to rely upon so count yourselves lucky. Always take care when viewing reviews of law firms though and read the actual comments. Sometimes the brief is to generate informative articles to educate consume... Since both sides always blame the other person's solicitor - you can pretty much guarantee at least one negative review in almost every single transaction. But 'leading' is one of those words that doesn't really give you a specific metric you can measure against another ... So how can you discern one firm from another? As an example we're going to cover a firm called Law based in Preston. So you need to pay attention to the websites you are on and the emails you receive. However, there are no 200-year old lawyers out there waiting to t...

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