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Here's the follow up list of review articles we've published on UK law firms that have turned out quite popular. Let us know what you think using the vote button: There are quite often fees if the case wins. The correct web address is, but shows exactly the same website. and various other things we thought were necessary before passing someone on. Today, all of us here at... When we first came across Almond, they had three offices around Manchester. However, they have since condensed to just two, but have moved one of them to a more central location nearer the heart of Manchester. Greg is a specialist personal injury solicitor with many years of... However, in recent years with the huge political upheavals regarding immigration - this has clearly changed. Luckily after nearly two decades in the legal industry, we have quite a large connection base to ask recommendations from. But the information quoted above is f... It's a strong article. Just as I was about to dismiss their testimonials because of this typically bland and cheesy quote on their front page: class="infoquote "Ashmans Solicitors were completely professional in their approach from start to finish. Each has it's own in... Driving with an alcohol or drug level over the specified limit can result in automatic bans for years. So we recommend bookmarking the site once you're on it to save messing about later.. They also promise access to the country's best scientific experts as well as "the most... Obviously the solicitors themselves are the key, so we'll start with the Managing Partner - Amit Patel. One thing we would recommend is reading Atkinson Rose's https: upcoming-cases-1" Recent Case Page< a>, which details several cases, their... We haven't met a solicitor yet that charges people to take a road accident case. We could imagine people carrying around insurance, breakdown firm, and accident management cards in their wallet or purse. We don't take your details and sell them to anyone. Again (and it's ter... The owner's profile isn't full of hobbies, favourite books, or pet's names either. Okay, so the following is not my most objective or impartial review of a firm. Some firms definitely try too hard to be trendy whilst others almost regress, focusing on their 200+ year... With the company's branding using plus signs now, you need to know that plus signs "+" and ampersands "&" cannot be part of a web address. The whole site looks professional and puts across the idea that this firm is well established and filled with professional acting peopl... They are not a traditional law firm, so whatever pre-conceptions you have about dealing with legal professionals - working direct with a barrister is unlikely to match them. They handle all the usual types of accident claims such as road traffic accidents, public liability c... If you search for information on the firm you'll see the current Limited name was created as recently as 2008. we're seeing a lot more seasoned solicitors leave larger firms to set up on their own. we've solved many legal headaches by providing just an hour of advice, at a f... of E.) into the building." Getting the general feel on this yet? Describing themselves as a "young dynamic firm" as well as "experienced but youthful" on their website, BDMLaw may seem to be at odds with itself. This is with a "member of our staff who will b... However, staff profile pages can also give you an idea of how strongly a firm focuses on certain case types. However, quite uniquely, Brearleys brings both of those concepts together, stating: color="green "Every one of the solicitors and advisors that we employ are sp... An Associate with The International Centre for Clinical Excellence (ICCE). Including one about the color="green "Biopsychosocial model and its relevance to recovery across the age spectrum and the return to normal day-to-day living in the fastest possible time" < font>. We... To summarise: You can either phone up or fill in the application online. Claims funding can be used for surgery, consultants fees, treatments, therapy, helpful medical equipment, rehabilitation and more. Then after the legally mandated 'cooling off' period, the funds wi... If you check The Law Society website you'll see that whilst one of the firm's solicitors started practising in that year, Clive Stephen Lawrance (i.e. It's universally understood that people are more inclined to scour the web for places to leave a review if they've received ... no, that wasn't a compliment. Bookmark the sites when you're sure you're on the correct ones just in case. ;) Here is one I liked though, and the type of salesiness (you know what I mean) people want to see: class="infoquote "Ensuring the right advice, to achieve the r... Something to show the extra expertise available. To be honest, being a qualified solicitor doesn't make you an instant businessman and we saw reports that over a thousand law firms had to close their doors each year following the recession. Fortunately, both the media and pu... We cannot stress enough the importance of using a firm that states expertise and experience in such cases by name. Mark Tawn became a solicitor in 1994 and for the past 20 years has specialised in personal injury litigation. So much so, that I'm pretty sure all three ... The Track & Trace service works on a no trace, no fee basis so that if they don't find the person - you don't pay. They will usually be able to give you a wealth of information during the search too, such as CCJ history, Electoral Role Confirmation, Employment Verification, ... However, Edward Hands and Lewis is a very large firm and therefore probably have a dedicated web-person. We actually like that. Therefore, if a firm is strongly pushing clients towards their social media profiles on the actual website - we can only wonder why. Some statement... The firm is called Else Solicitors, but the official website address is not, however the latter does currently redirect you to the correct place. Far from the high profile, red-carpeted, and journalist-friendly events put on in othe... She was thorough and methodical in her approach and was very supportive throughout the court process. The firm can help in complex financial situations and help track down assets. The firm's owner and Principal Solicitor Julia Brown is a member of resolution, and have ... But an actual heart-on-their-sleeves kind of firm where I didn't have to infer, uncover, or deduce anything. (Sure enough, big four-oh was last year.) Therefore writing "how I roll" with the quotation marks indicates I'm aware of my age and how far removed I am from being ab... They would then go away, read up on our problem on the internet, then phone us up an hour or two later to spout what they'd read. The problem was that we never spoke to someone with any experience in our legal issue, let alone an actual solicitor. Sounded good with a big bra... However, their site is, not which doesn't seem to work at all. . Corporate Immigration - with in depth knowledge and an abundance of experience within the corporate field, they aim to provide practical solutions. They are also loc... We list firms that process £millions in cases. The latter even lists HJA's articles in the Google News search results alongside the BBC, Guardian, Times, etc. They've been one of the most successful fundraisers through JustGiving. On their website you'll find a... If we find a noticeable discrepancy, we ask about it - and you should too. Huneewoth is. What is the difference between 'experience' and 'expertise'? Ask them. The Law Society database will also tell you if the firm is regulated by the SRA (Solicitor's Regulation Authority)... So what happened? Jackson Canter purchased Lees Solicitors, a 126-year-old law firm also based in Merseyside. Lees Solicitors had offices in Birkenhead, Heswall and West Kirby and specialised in clinical negligence and Court of Protection cases. If you're not familia... A recent article in http: associate-news jefferies-solicitors-launches-new-flight-delay-claim-service"< a> detailed how Jefferies Solicitors' personal injury compensation assistance will be extended to delayed flights. Jefferies h... Another paragraph that caught our eye, was: class="infoquote "Each of our personal estate managers are dedicated to supporting families during their time of need. There are a few things we wouldn't mind seeing changed. It's never going to be easy to pick up the phone a... This is how I get results. We always run a firm's website through several devices and browsers to check. Considering that variants such as, and are all owned by other firms as well, it's very advisable to book... Obviously this is just advice. That simply means that you will not have to pay anything up front, and should the case lose you will still have nothing to pay. Usually, the initials in the firm stand for the partner's names, the founder's names, or something to do with the lo... All of them returned an error and some had not even been bought yet. The site says that the quotes are 'free', but really, we've never seen a firm that charges to give you a quote. They operate out of their Norwich office, but like the majority of conveyancers they can ... It may involve stress, cost and uncertainty. Of course, always check about the final fee conditions of that. 'No win no fee' is not the same thing as '100% compensation', despite both being thrown around in various law firm's adverts. They cover the usual personal injur... Aside from that though, Lee does seem to be quite enthusiastic about his work and the setup he has created. 17+ years at the time of writing this, and we've written a lot about law firms in that time as well. From the article: color="green "Newcastle solicitor L... This brings me back to why it's always a good idea for firms to list each staff member's speciality. This too is nicely honest though, because the majority of firms feel very inadequate about their establishment date if it's not very long. and I'm Scottish. Howev... But this is sometimes just 'clever wording' because obviously you can phone or email anyone any time of day - that doesn't mean they're going to answer. The five registered solicitors at Mancini Legal have a combined total of 112 years experience. There's real clarity and a... Marcus Andreen is a solicitor for commercial and IT law. As a commercial lawyer with more than 20 years’ experience providing legal support to companies and individuals - his clients are mainly fast-growing, successful businesses for the IT, telecoms, e-commerce and communic... But with such a wide case range, it would probably be worth asking about your legal issue over the phone even if you don't see a case title that matches exactly. McShanes are widely recognised as a leading residential property solicitor in Northern Ireland. Aoife ... They state an aim of providing a color="green "professional, friendly and reliable service" < font> with a color="green "caring approach" < font> that pushes them to color="green "go the extra mile" < font>. spouse family student visas), Civil Litigation (e.g. That's p... With very little information, a few nice pictures, but the focus on trying to get people to phone up with their questions rather than obtain their own answers from the site. They also promise to provide competitive rates, for prompt and efficient legal services, from a frien... The amount of negligence that caused either injury isn't actually as important when calculating damages. class="infoquote "We are committed to providing the highest standards of client care. well, I think you can work that our yourself. They expanded on the firm's pers... Interestingly, after scouring the web it wasn't so much the consumer praise that impressed us - but the fact that QDOS seem to be very much liked by insurers. You may be tempted to take this the wrong way, but remember that as Qdos state a lot of their work comes from claims... Not just general statements, but actual figures such as indemnifying "£500 in mortgage arrangement fees" . Beyond the actual services provided, the firm involves itself in community work. 1,233 solicitors took part, and RGSolicitors came 22nd in the list of most-money-... It also re-iterates a statement seen elsewhere on the site that color="green "it's better to be smart and creative rather than loud and aggressive" < font>. Other solicitors at the firm include Anthony Scully, with over 20 years' experience dealing with personal injur... He is a Higher Court Advocate (Criminal), appears regularly in the Crown Court, has successfully appeared in the Court of Appeal on a number of occasions and is a Specialist Fraud Panel Supervisor. Chris Doherty - Company Director and Head of Conveyancing, was apparentl... I'm guessing that when they did away with injury claims, it was time to overhaul the acronyms to? I have a hard enough time remembering the one for strokes. this means you pay no upfront costs and we only get paid only if you win your case. Advice. So is it a new firm with ... All across our site you'll see the stated goal of 'choice for clients'. They were a niche firm, but have spread out both in case types and locations. The problem is that most people feel their house sale takes too long, most people wish they'd got more more money or paid les... Only the version returns a website. Sara Ellison, Head of HR and Employment Law, was called "down-to-earth" with the whole team at TaylorBracewell receiving general comments like "excellent" and "very professional" . Certainly, the firm is not short of a fe... Typically when we research a firm for one of these articles, there is a wealth of information out there. This is the kind of contact you'll probably not want to be faffing around trying to find details for when the time comes.. For example, a basic search on the firm's...

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