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Here's the follow up list of review articles we've published on UK law firms that have turned out quite popular. Let us know what you think using the vote button: In closing we'll leave you with the firm's own description of it's offering: class="infoquote "A top-tier civil law set of chambers recognised for our exemplary client service, depth and breadth of experience in our specialist areas and the outstanding quality of... You can easily end up with a 1-year qualified lawyer from a 200-year old firm. (You get the idea.) Therefore if you see lower number such as 'combined experience of 10 years' - that's not a good sign. So that could be 17 x solicitors each with 5 years experience. So finding ... providing some extra time for people to call with questions. class="infoquote "We also provide expert legal advice ..."< div> If the firm you're checking out is located in England Wales then they will most likely be registered with the main Law Society for that ar... On this occasion though, we're going to break with tradition because the comments are not the usual "Highly recommend!" blandness. We assume this is because this firm handles very personal and distressing cases such as divorce and child custody. 25+ years’ expertise. We al... Over the past few years there has been quite an upsurge of https: money 2020 jul 18 homebuyer-loses-300000-to-fraudsters-but-gets-it-back-after-we-step-in" property clients being targeted by scammers< a> trying to get them to use fake bank details. You... Thirty years ago a same sex civil partnership each life-insured with ex-partners and an adopted child would have been inconceivable. But you never know what might happen next so it's always best to try and stay as safe as possible. Very satisfied with the outcome."< div> ... Either they are unbelievably niche in their target market, have achieved impressive growth during hard times, or have managed to get high praise in an industry fraught with hazards (e.g. However, putting everything we've written so far together - it may now be more apparent ... However even then there are options such as hiring a barrister through the new Direct Access scheme instead of going through a solicitor. Mostly due to having recieved an email that looked official telling them to change over and send the house deposit money to a totally dif... Another thing to watch for is how you appraise public reviews. So despite the lower star rating for Avery Walters, we still come away with the impression of a very positive firm after going through the actual review wording. I would highly recommend them"< div> S... Whilst most scammers tend to target conveyancing firms, you never know what's around the corner.. We hope it's clear by now why we decided to add this firm to the 1to1Legal network and recommend them to people. class="infoquote "We are a modern multi-service law... But the client will generally blame their own solicitor. But can you actually find out the expertise and experience of the firm's lawyers independently? class="infoquote "Our highly motivated and skilled team have a long-standing reputation for providing efficient and ... class="infoquote "Our highly skilled team are specialist solicitors who cover family law, child-care, wills & probate, litigation & disputes, as well as employment law, and many more."< div> These sorts of statements are the ones we usually advise people to pay cl... I received excellent and thorough advice throughout"< div> However a poll we ran a couple of years ago indicated that people didn't really trust testimonials on company websites. DFA Law are with The Law Society of England & Wales and if you https: solicitors.lawsocie... class="infoquote "always responds very promptly to any questions" "Kept us well informed every step of the way." "efficient, working tirelessly, answering all our questions constantly even late evenings"< div> Whenever checking out third party boards ... It also states fluency in Urdu and Punjabi as well as English. Obviously with such huge amounts of money being passed around, fraudsters are finding great success in convincing people to send the money to them instead. Whilst it's something we see alot of with Criminal Law f... Just a couple of fake emails and house buyers sellers end up handing over £millions every year to the fraudsters. A quick note on navigation as the firm uses quite generic terms for their branding. It was harder to find reviews at all on their company due to the ... However, there was a weird selection of negative comments spanning a one month period on one of the independent review sites. The majority are positive. class="infoquote "For more than 30 years, we have helped thousands of people recover compensation for their injuri... One for Scotland, one for England Wales, and one for Northern Ireland as each has quite separate legal setups. This should be stated clearly on their website. There aren't any step by step guides on how to handle a defence yourself. It's something that gained prevalanc... Plus we see some people calling them Hampson and Hughes too. Whilst a solicitor may have several cases keeping his attention, the client is only focused on one and thinking about it far more regularly. Not by a larger cheque. We've done our share of claimant interviews, and ... Howe & Co are registered with The Law Society of England & Wales which is a great resource offering a huge amount of information to users. So it's always best to actually read the comments themselves and company responses if available rather than just flicking through star... If you've read any of our other review articles, you'll know that any firm we add to the 1to1Legal network has something about it we like that made them stand out. They will have the third party cover your legal costs as well. However a lot of people are under the imp... A last word to sum up from the firm themselves: class="infoquote "Whether you are a company or an individual and need legal advice – the best way to find out how we can help is to contact us."< div>. There could be some common spelling errors such as 'Malon' or p... class="infoquote "Our Personal Injury Claims are dealt with on a 'no win no fee' basis."< div> It's something we've covered before but it's still causing confusion so we'll briefly cover it again: 'no win no fee' and '100% compensation' do not mean the same thing... So how can you check the background of any firm to see how their claims stack up? The first point of call we would recommend is The Law Society website. If you click on the names of each person you'll see more information such as their specialist case types. The only issue... It's not as though there are some 200-year experienced solicitors sitting behind any of the desks. Usually when we write an article on a firm that handles conveyancing, people are often confused to see us promoting and praising a firm that may have hundreds of complaining re... So how do Levins Solicitors stack up on such boards? class="infoquote "professionalism and experience were of great comfort" "Without them by my side ... We're sad to say that even our own local law society (The Law Society of Scotland) does not come close in matc... But one thing that impressed us about Lindsays is the same sort of lack-of-boasting as we saw with their testimonials page before. Search engines seem to bring up the correct firm no matter what variants we used. Their own website is https secure for filing in contac... The new web address is with redirecting you there. class="infoquote "Founded by two brave women in the midst of the pandemic, we understand the challenges of starting and growing your business."< div> It... The official site is and currently does not redirect you there. We could send you an email today that looks as though it was sent from an official email address with just the basic email software ... If someone calls saying they are from your solicitor and need to discuss payments - you can always hang up and call the firm back on the official number you have on their documentation just to be sure.. If you've visited a few dozen law firm websites already today you'll hav... We get these sorts of calls regularly as well. However, you may be asked to sign a Conditional Fee Arrangement (CFA) which allows the solicitor to take a cut of your compensation. We added one firm because of their exceptional opening hours including up to 8pm for weekda... When a firm states it is a Personal Injury specialist it will usually then follow it up with a long list of case types covered including Professional Negligence, Slips Trips, Road Accidents, Work Injuries, Industrial Disease, Medical Negligence, Unfair Dismissal - th... (Though it naturally pains me to admit such a thing!) The Law Society for England Wales will provide individual information pages with a huge range of details such as all the solicitors within a firm, their qualification dates, their specialities, any related brand names, ot... The qualification dates are of special interest to most people when we point this out. (Wherever that expression came from.) class="infoquote "OTS Solicitors is a well-known firm of UK immigration, Employment, Family and Litigation Solicitors, and the leading au... But the major mobile players we checked all direct 0800 for free now. In our opinion both sides are just marketing language. This is because whilst people are very happy to jump online and give praise about their new toaster - they are less likely to rush to a public forum t... Even helping you register as a limited company is not the sole discretion of lawyers. This is because some people's complaints can be ridiculously petty, and some can be attached to the totally wrong firm. Even today there are dozens of law firms that don't even have a web... One thing that made us feel a certain kinship with this particular law firm was their T&Cs section. You could end up with a 40-year experienced solicitor at a 1-year-old law firm, or a 1-year-experienced solicitor from a 40-year-old law firm. Don't underestimate the us... If you flick through the reviews on regular haunts such as Google, Yell, Trustpilot, Yelp, etc. Pump Court Chambers don't handle property matters, but you never know what scammers will come up with next. This always seemed un-necessary extra time and cost for clients. Words ... The official site is with not currently being owned by the firm. One thing we've always pushed for in the compensation claims industry is more care of the client rather than a money-fixes-everything approach. The same goes f... When you see firms stating "no win, no fee" across their site, that doesn't necessarily mean there are no fees at all. There is a big difference between a firm that says "no win, no fee" and "100% compensation guaranteed" . They're also not against an insurance co... It simply means that when we researched the firm at the time they came up as being a good firm, covering a good range, with little or no complaints registered on forums or with the relevant organisations. they don't even mention your claim type on the front page of their web... Certainly it's a very likely part of the reason he's so well regarded. He covers a very specialist range though, dealing with commercial and employment issues. They would then contact a barrister to actually do the work and court representation. But you never know what might... Whilst the majority of articles we write are aimed at informing general consumers about legal practices or available resources to help them in their decisions - we do sometimes cover more general topics and firms that help law firms themselves. Groundsure Location Intellig... If you look at the page for Serious Law there is a range of experience levels, with solicitors from every decade over the past 40 years. Serious injuries are when you will need the full expertise of medical experts, psychologists, and legal research to not only discover what... the story is the same as you can see from the few snippets above. However, we also have experienced consultants in other areas of law."< div> Most firms will have some sales-pitch statement like this on their website about how great their lawyers are. At 1to1Legal we're... Luckily Stenfield are members of The Law Society of England & Wales which is simply an excellent resource for consumer-side information. But how are people feeling about the services they've received from Stenfield Solicitors? The firm doesn't have a testimonials page, b... We provide a transparent, efficient and cost-effective service for corporates, SMEs, Family Offices or individual clients requiring legal solutions."< div>. On those occasions we have to use our 'gut' backed by 20+ years experience working with law firms across the UK. We'... A few other bits and pieces stand out in The Injury Solicitor's offering. They do not mean the same thing. Immediate reaction to The Injury Solicitor may be that it looks like any other personal injury firm. Whilst the majority of legal https: www.thisismoney... We saw a review recently where someone left a one star rating for an Immigration firm for refusing to take on their Divorce case. class="infoquote "At the centre of everything we do is a commitment to you, our client, to offer you the best possible service that we can.... class="infoquote "We pride ourselves on giving the best support service available and are dedicated to delivering the right solution for you."< div> Experience and expertise don't automatically make a good lawyer. They can certainly help. class="infoquote "... class="infoquote "TSABI is made up of people who are passionate about helping individuals and businesses by delivering legal solutions that highlight their real talent in different areas of law."< div> Claims like this are across the majority of websites you'll s...

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