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Here's the follow up list of review articles we've published on UK law firms that have turned out quite popular. Let us know what you think using the vote button: And you don't want a law firm with either issue. We did see a few niggly things and cliche words around, but nothing worth pointing out except for the huge number of websites the firm seem to be running. I don't understand the fascination, but it's well documented that ... Unfortunately Google can be quite slow in responding to scammers. But on the whole, solicitors will tend to hire a third party barrister to do the actual court appearances for a range of matters - including 5 Essex Court's speciality of Criminal Law. You won't find any of th... Aconveyancing on the other hand, has completely bucked this trend. Also, there is a huge issue of fake reviews where for every negative comment posted - suddenly several 5 star reviews (from people who have only ever reviewed that one firm) suddenly appear. People are handi... Sadly there weren't many independent reviews across the usual third party forums such as Google, Facebook, Yell, Trustpilot and Yelp. 5,000+ cases. Typically when we review a firm we have to excuse the majority of their website's content. You can therefore do this with ... Whilst it would obviously be impossible for us to come up with enough legal matters to truly test every firm we review - we certainly do our background checks and quite often get to know people at a firm before having them on board. The official website we link to above is w... Quite often we've seen reviews about a firm that have clearly been put under the wrong company and even one star reviews with very positive comments (meaning someone has made a clicking error). Rather than being a general practice firm that happens to do Will Probate matter... At the moment both and don't seem to be owned by the firm. Plus many of the consultants have their own websites promoting their services. It states each of their associates is qualified to give advice, attends regular seminars, carries app... The full firm's title is Aspire Licensing & Administrative Services with the official web address of, currently is not in use. But that's what you'd expect from a firm that deals day in day out with a single area of law. Th... So not to be sneezed at. OTS Solicitors are signed to The Law Society of England & Wales which is an excellent resource . class="infoquote "Each part of the process was explained clearly. This designation is possible for such firms because whilst they do list several... This article is only about the Avery Walters side though and the website for them is with redirecting you there as well. Which sounds far more impressive than 'we've been doing this for two years!' , doesn't it? In such cases... These are old names or names of firms they have merged with so should really no longer apply. If you click on each person's name you can also see their qualification date and specialist areas. A large number don't take any at the end of the case either, opting to obtain thei... She then did 7 years at another international Intellectual Property firm before joining Briffa in 2001. I won't go through the full list of possible variants. One look at Briffa's website though with the large text, bright pinks, yellows, and flower images - we knew we were ... amazed how responsive and reliable Amy was throughout every step of the process" "Our estate agent expressed their astonishment when everything was handed in so quickly compared to other solicitors ..."< div> We flicked through the usual forums such as Google, Yelp... For example many would prefer to have a dozen reviews all saying "Would totally recommend!" rather than a varied selection of comments such as "Timely manner", "regular updates", "solicitor always available and happy to answer questions", etc - i.e. Jennifer Campbell was hel... This is a shame and hopefully more people will search further for a wider range of comments: class="infoquote "I was looking at a long term driving ban but with Hammond and Trotters expert and professional advice was able to retain my licence" "You kept me informe... The official website we link to above is and will redirect you there. But just as a specialist individual Motor Offence barrister will typically charge much less and take far less time (compared to someone such as a... class="infoquote "We offer free legal advice and take on claims on a 'no win no fee' basis."< div> On this we just want to point out that every single personal injury solicitor across the UK should take such cases on under the no win, no fee. For some, just seei... There aren't any step by step guides on how to handle a defence yourself. So what are they saying about the firm? class="infoquote "honest, straight to the point and put me at ease" "I was looking at prison time for a traffic offence and in the end got a commun... These should consist of at least the professional's name, expertise and experience. Certainly, if there is a recurring theme of incompetence in the reviews then that's something to take note of. We've seen negative reviews for when the buyer seller pulls out, for incor... My case was handled professionally, with quick responses and constant updates at every stage of my case" "My solicitor was always happy to explain what was happening and in the end, he got me more compensation than what the insurance company were going to offer me" ... Typically we don't recommend most law firm's Blogs as they are often simply for the sake of having one. We actually ended up reading their insolvency case study, the 1-month tenancy contract warning, and the smash and grab adjudication pieces. The majority of Helix La... Often those little badges at the bottom of law firm's pages aren't just for show either. If you scroll down to the bottom of most pages on their website you'll also see a short list of awards they have won and been nominated for. You can even see qualification dates of ... On top of that there are hundreds of third party firms that will 'manage' your case. Whilst https: consumers problems fraud-dishonesty scams " scammers tend to target mostly property law firms< a> trying to get large amounts put in wrong bank accounts, you ... The website also provides several case studies which have been surprisingly popular reading for many people - e.g. That's great, and more firms should follow their setup . Just make sure to watch carefully at the website address and email reply names that pop up during your... These are people with no legal qualifications that discuss your case in depth with you and take all the details. Titles such as "Writing the Ideal Will", "Can you Refuse to be an Executor", or "What Happens if you Don't Apply for Probate". We also saw We would hope that most people will already realise that the age of a law firm's building, brand name or even staff is really neither here nor there. When a new solicitor joins a law firm, there isn't some strange spiritualist ceremony where all the experience and expertise ... For the Glasgow office you can check The Law Society of Scotland. If you click on the names of each person you'll see more information such as their specialist case types. For some reason, people really do feel that a firm stating 'established in 1882' must be a much bett... Even during the Covid-19 lock down everything worked as usual."< div> On Google for example, they have 232 reviews with an overall 4.2 5 rating. (Article from the Southern Daily Echo) Of course the firm has the obligatory Customer Testimonials on their website, howeve... class="infoquote "For over 30 years now we have continued to build our reputation and to provide legal services of the highest professional standard."< div> The firms website has a considerable number of pages. At a 200-year-old firm you may get a 1-year qualifie... Whenever we consider a firm for adding to our network there are several checks we perform to ensure we're not recommending a fraudulent or fake firm. class="infoquote "We have four offices located across Scotland offering a full range of services for you, your b... The new web address is with redirecting you there. Sadly there is a large chunk of business owners who will whole heartedly accept what a YouTube vlogger tells them is the correct way to do things. But it's certai... At the time of writing this, they only had a 3.8 star rating on Google which doesn't sound great. But if you search for the firm name plus the name of the town, you should get the correct site.. I'm willing to bet AJLO's actual client wasn't so upset with them doing that. ... One thing we've always pushed for in the compensation claims industry is more care of the client rather than a money-fixes-everything approach. There were obviously a few niggles in our research. That brings us to a quick note about navigation. There are far better pa... It's probably a good idea to bookmark the site once you're on it. Neither of which would impress you enough to use their actual services would it? McEwan Fraser Legal on the other hand state very clearly underneath their Award-Winning claim what awards have been won... They were not and that's something we absolutely do not do. We take time to listen to you and provide honest transparent advice, always."< div> This opening line on the firm's website sounds good. For some reason, the MTA Solicitor's website does not boast it's No... The information they provide just regular users is quite extensive in comparison including alternative trading names used by a firm, extra contact details, and often the expertise and experience of every solicitor within the practice. Also, there aren't many scams targeting ... Quite often you'll see negative ratings with comments that don't even sound as though they are talking about the correct firm. For example, if a firm does not actually state Medical Negligence as a case type they handle and have at least a few paragraphs talking about it - i... Not just for the legal industry either. Also, in some of the searches we tested, the website of their parent company showed up as the top result. At the moment it is mostly property law firms and their clients https: watch-out-for-co... class="infoquote "Pump Court Chambers is one of the UKs premier common law chambers"< div> There is an ever growing number of such barristers qualifying to represent people under Direct Access. But the setup of chambers barristers across the UK and why their na... 100% compensation guaranteed means there are no fees if your case wins. These can include Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Assaults, and even the death of a loved one at the hands of another person. When you see firms stating "no win, no fee" across the... Here are a few of our reasons for doing so. If someone is not quite experienced enough for your personal injury claim, you might be a few hundred pounds less-better-off in your compensation settlement. Someone who constantly updates themselves in the new legislation and gu... Redwood Collections was created in 2009 and states it has helped over 17,000 clients so far. Luckily there are dozens to look over with third party sources: class="infoquote "We have used Redwood Collections on a few occasions and have found them to be very efficient... It should be mentioned that Reid Black have moved away from the usual Testimonials page on their own site and actually list their Google reviews directly on the front page. We only started reviewing and writing about law firms in Northern Ireland about half a dozen yea... We've seen several consultants and sole practitioners advertising themselves as handling everything from Family Law, to Personal Injury, plus Immigration and more. The fact Robin has decided to focus on an area he knows from personal experience as a three-time busine... For example, here is a single sentence from the SBW Law website. We keep repeating it as much as we can: you can get a 1-year novice solicitor handling your case at a 200-year-old firm the same as you can get a 40-year highly experience lawyer working at a 1-year-old law off... It may therefore be a good idea to bookmark the site if you're looking to return just to be sure. But generally speaking, client comments there are predominantly positive as well: class="infoquote "My solicitor was great. The one prior was about a firm that seemed ... Thankfully, if the firm you're interested in is based within England or Wales they are most likely registered with the national Law Society. Simons Rodkin have a whole page dedicated to discussing how their fees work with examples and finer details regarding each case type... If you've read review articles on our site before then you'll know that we usually cover quite a bit of ground including regulatory databases, third party forums, snippets from across the site, quotes from peer groups, and so on. A discussion on a recent survey of over 130 i... You can end up with a a 1-year-experienced solicitor from a 200-year-old firm, or a 40-year-experienced veteran solicitor from a 1-year-old law office. No win, no fee just means that if you lose there will be no fees. As mentioned in the news article, the main solicitor Ele... The official website is which we link to above. So how can you tell which might be more likely to deliver on those promises? One good resource is your area's Law Society website. This is usually through a Conditional Fee Arrangement (CFA) such as t... are indicative of the general feel. We also recommend that if someone calls you to discuss money, you politely hang up and call back the official phone number you were given. So just pay attention to where you are and what you type in. It avoids stagnation and (considering h...

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