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Here's the follow up list of review articles we've published on UK law firms that have turned out quite popular. Let us know what you think using the vote button: I can't say I like the description of their video feed either: class="infoquote "Not in the mood for reading? We get it! Feet up, get some popcorn and enjoy!"< div> But whatever image Acumen has chosen to run with, their staff absolutely have the qualifications an... Whilst you may be perfectly comfortable with much legal speak, the fact they break it down this far already shows an accentuated attention to detail. class="infoquote "As a small team of dedicated professionals we aim to provide a friendly, family atmosphere with a rep... But rest assured, one nearer the main bus stations and train terminals obviously stands a better chance. The original setup was Droylsden, Heaton Moor & Oldham. Now, they still have the Droylsden office - but seem to have strong focus on people attending and working wit... There are plenty of other websites with amnesty and or immigration in the URl though, and at the moment if you search for "amnesty immigration" you'll be confronted with more news stories than actual immigration firms. If you do end up trying to search for the firm's na... and both go to different firms, and doesn't exist either. But beyond that, we get the impression that their business arm is pushing out towards more of a business 'community' in the area. For example, they are sponsoring... If you have any experiences you'd like to share with us about any of the firms we review, please let us know using our contact page. It may be a rather extreme example of a 'jargon-free' firm, but it's a good one. With a grand total of 5 pages, the Archways website me... Please note that whilst displays the exact same information as the .com, neither or display anything at the moment. However, the firm have listed the .com with us and everyone else so it may be ... They have a few extra niche sites such as and too, but none of them link to to the site you really need which is the one we link to. The address is the one we link to. we've solved many legal head... The information provided also shows a wide range of varied backgrounds and lengthy histories within the legal industry. Firms may have existed prior to that for hundreds of years. class="infoquote "Boyd Rice Solicitors is a long established Law Firm and has been providing l... I have always found them to be extremely thorough."< div> Any downsides we spotted with the firm? Well, we didn't like seeing this sentence on their site: class="infoquote "If you require any advice from Richard, please do not hesitate to contact him or one of h... For Family Law they promise a "sympathetic yet practical" approach with "the right advice at the right time" . However, there is an entirely separate site at, except this time the version goes nowhere. Unfortunately, that will result in j... Obviously they believe in getting into the recovery stage very quickly after identifying the problem and have extensive experience in the treatment of emotional and psychological symptoms. is owned by a different company by the looks of it, and the actual tre... We work with insurers to ensure that we minimise their indemnity spend in all areas."< div> When they're not pursuing compensation for injured parties, they're working to help insurers fight fraudulent or frivolous claims. This kind of experience and insight is invalu... The UK site is at, with the Irish version at, and hosting the American version. You need to work to pay for treatment, but you can't work until you've had treatment. Litigation funding has been around for a ... They joined our panel some years ago, and have grown steadily since. The site has a lot of quotable sections ... So whilst we could see this idea spreading to LinkedIn as being useful for people seeking new staff, we wouldn't recommend it as something to base your choice of ... providing a forum in which legal people can increase their knowledge and tap into a pool of expertise to ensure they deliver high quality legal advice."< div> If you've already visited several firm's sites before coming to us, you'll probably have noticed that the 'Why... You see, after 17+ years of trawling through solicitor's websites, I'm now under the lofty impression that I'm some sort of savant when it comes to judging the merits of a firm. Not only was none of that true, but my initial assumption that the firm simply didn't know how to... They also believe itís "fundamental to great service". Certainly, a lot of firms are stating single point of contact as a benefit of using them so hopefully that trend will become the standard. More importantly, something that will definitely reassure potential clients ... We've been searching for a firm like Go Complain for many years. In other words, the kind of cases that a solicitor will say "you have a case", but will quote you £1000 to chase after a £100 refund. You pay a low flat fee. Over a decade at least. Go Complai... They take part in charity work such as https: " Will Aid< a>. If you ever get a call from someone saying they're from the firm you are using but you don't recognise the person - ask to speak to someone you know there before giving over personal inform... We scoured the usual public forums such as Google Reviews, Yell, Yelp, TrustPilot, Facebook, etc. The few firms who issue press releases about every elderly lady's fence they paint, always stick out like a sore thumb. This makes choosing the correct business law solicitor f... Rightly so. Dr Ryan Herrmann has clearly had a lot of help developing his patience though For legal issues such as personal injury or wills it's not really a high priority. The aforementioned Hine Solicitors use whilst the variant doesn't seem to be being used by anyone. At the moment if you search for Hine Legal yo... That means customers whose flights have been cancelled or delayed can claim up to 600 Euros from the airline. They point out that things such as depreciating value of the car, road tax increases, and so on are yet to be discovered. The main people to note would probably... I've been doing this for 20+ years now and in my professional (and unfortunately personal) experience I've found firms who sound like they want to emulate the infamous https: wiki Nick_Freeman" Mr Loophole< a> are also often the least experienced. There ... First some snippets from comments they've posted on their own site: class="infoquote "Kuddus Solicitors was good in dealing with my claim and finalised it in two months." "Extremely professional and helpful. The intention with our articles is to share some things we... The firm was originally called Goy, Cross & Co, formed in Brigg around 1870. Whenever I rang she was on the ball immediately ... Like a re-mortgage calculator - i.e. They also cover various types of litigation such as employment law, consumer disputes and accident comp... Everyone should be aware by now that 0800 numbers cost quite a bit from mobile phones, and these days most people will call from a mobile even if they are at home. What I mean is: the people running LMD don't appear to have simply gone to uni, got a degree, and started charg... This is where some days are set aside each year and all solicitors taking part across the UK provide Will making appointments for free. Next are the reviews. All the best buzzwords are there too such as "friendly", "modern", "innovative", "efficient" and more. The varied spe... Originally you would have had to hire a solicitor who would then select a barrister on your behalf. Also most genuine reviews make a reference such as 'Thank you Sandy, you were awesome and patient with us.' rather than just 'Excellent service. (No really!) class="inf... Not only that - they haven't gone over the top trying to prove the 'modern' part. Like many Scots, I'm a fan of various towns in England that English people don't seem as keen on. but please don't think this means the majority of other firms charge you for a quote. They ment...   - Majority of cases settled within 3 months of initial instruction." No vagueness or textbook language in that little lot. That is where the effects of the injury are usually long lasting and investigations, calculations and debates have to made about how much... Mostly because of allegations of fraud - i.e. This includes MIB cases where the third party is either un-insured or is un-traceable having fled the scene of the accident. Asbestosis, Vibration White Finger, Industrial Deafness, Mesothelioma and so on are the well known resul... As part of that, they are members of The Law Society's Immigration and Asylum Law Accreditation Scheme - an independent mark of high standards and competency in immigration and asylum work. Yes, they do no win no fee (aka conditional fee) arrangements where appropriate. As a... But with the double "d" in the middle of Proddow and the various versions of Mackay available - it was certainly a wise decision of theirs to push forward with the easier and shorter PM Law. As they point out on their website: color="green "Specialising gives a great... A lot of firms have started having a couple of late nights during the week. Unfortunately we were not able to find any reviews on the regular forums. But now there are so many people with odd hours (I'm writing this at 11pm at home simply to try and catch up on work) that pe... When we were searching the web, we saw some negative reviews by individuals Qdos had beaten in court. Interestingly, after scouring the web it wasn't so much the consumer praise that impressed us - but the fact that QDOS seem to be very much liked by insurers. But even thoug... We are currently only working with RG Solicitors office in Kent. It sounds like an easy request, but it really isn't. I had to look that one up and found the definition in an online dictionary for business-speak. Not just general statements, but actual figures such as inde... There is nothing odd or shifty about this though. Whilst some firms will set up a 'trading as' brand to avoid tarnishing their main company's name should things go wrong, on this occasion the 'trading as' name is the founding solicitor's own name. Local and national, special... Most came up because they shared a lot of information with each other and the main company sites - e.g. some had the exact same disclaimer pasted at the bottom: "Disclaimer: In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or... They now have six conference rooms, a seminar theatre for over forty attendees, all with Wi-Fi and video-conferencing. These days, people are becoming more aware of their legal options and it is increasingly popular to engage a barrister for certain case types rather than go... At the time of writing this, Countrywide Conveyancing had a 2.1 star rating out of 5 on Google. You will find this is true for many firms that specialise in property matters. We cannot take your details and pass them on. A quick note on navigation: the main website... . Again showing that they are not wholly focused on the legal 'bankruptcy' side of things. Reading the firm's website though, the impression is that they'd rather be regarded as a firm that can fix financial issues rather than simply clean up after . However if you are a ... Conveyancing clients are targeted quite heavily. Some will state 'established in 1971' which makes it sound as though they'll have a huge amount of experience . There are other things to watch out for generally when choosing a personal injury firm. Shaw & Co state this on t... They provide integrated business debt advice and solutions across Hampshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, and Northants. Hayley Simmons, another Insolvency Practitioner at Shaw Gibbs, qualified in 1998 and apparently enjoys getting involved in all aspects of insolvency and re... However, Starck Uberoi had been on our network for almost two years without any indication people coming through wanted our input. Again, it's something we're surprised more firms don't do. There are already plenty of public reviews already. There are quick snippets such as ... But then you might notice that they have zero reviews on Yelp and only one review on Yellow Pages. Please note, however, that Mrs Universe is nothing like the much-maligned Miss Universe. People are very likely to spot the name of the competition and instantly assume the... Especially if you're using your phone with one hand banging at the popup keyboard. They also state that they are continually encouraging color="green ""creativity and innovation"" < font>. All printer and toner ink cartridges are recycled." < font> and so on. For exam... But unusually for criminal law specialists they also deal with immigration matters - and not just as an extra. We accept payment in full or in structured payments."< div> Legal Aid has been cut and cut and cut over the years so don't be surprised if you don't qualify. ... we enjoy a reputation for being tough but approachable ..."< div> doesn't convince you. To be sure, it's always advisable to bookmark a solicitor's site when you know you're on the correct one. (100-year-old firms still have new people working for them.) Our expe...

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