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We've been in the legal industry a long time and have written dozens of review articles on law firms over the years. We've collected the best into our main website: I still feel that the extra bits and pieces such as warnings about the latest scams going around and the comparisons between various firms - can really help people get an overall sense of the legal industry as a whole . (Especially with one Southern England firm that claime... So the fact we have mostly nice things to say about them is simply the reason we've partnered with them in the first place. (No really. Just have a flick through the http: raising-standards data-and-decisions " Legal Ombudsman's complaints datab... There are https: news leicester-news computer-hackers-tricked-house-buyer-3625666" hundreds of news articles< a> about people who have not noticed little changes in the domain name of a website or email address and ended up being scammed. But if... It's really not. Finally managing to convince Briffa Legal Ltd to partner with us was actually quite the coup. It's rarely there and we make a point of mentioning it in their review along with a snapshot of the infamous "No.1 in the area! (*according to my mother)" bi... If you're confused by the fact we're talking about Centenary Solicitors yet linking to a website called Injury Lawyers UK. At least half of the firms we review are actually members of our network. 'Injury', 'lawyers', and 'UK' are words used a lot in web addresses for ... One clue is in the Team section of their website, because another thing both we and the public are fond of is staff profiles. However: class="infoquote "We have never undertaken clinical or medical negligence claims. Be aware that and both ar... "Can I change the locks to the family home?", "What are the consequences if I were to move out of the family home?", "My husband wife has threatened to stop paying the mortgage and bills, what can I do?" , and "Can I take my child on holiday abroad if the other parent does... Sadly, we've seen reviews where they person gave a 1 star out of 5 because the Criminal Law specialist he contacted wouldn't take on his divorce case. Three of them seem to be about the exact same case just with different names used, and one is a contact request fille... However we did spot: class="infoquote "We give you peace of mind through a free 30 minute consultation, ensuring that we meet your exact requirements. Some firms decide to go further and tell you the staff member's hobbies, pet's names and favourite colours. This is so... We've been working with and writing articles on law for over 20 years now. We didn't check other common errors such as greysons, graysonssolicitors or hyphenated versions because there are just too many. The problem with buying or selling property is that many things are ou... For example, the general public really don't care what the firm's receptionist is wearing on Casual Friday or about the complete stranger's cases that have been won that day. This is not the case for Hallmark. The most common specialist people immediately search for is ... I couldn't recommend more highly."< div> class="infoquote "I was very impresses with the fast and helpful advise I received from Phoebe Gunputh at Helix Law. For some unknown reason the topic choices of 99.9% (*citation needed) of law firm blogs would only interest othe... It's a relative term. Hodge Jones & Allen staff often go https: news hja-advises-uk-asians-via-bengali-radio 5052610.article" on the radio< a> to discuss and advise on legal matters. However it shouldn't be ignored as a result. Even if you’re not sure... If you read our last article, it was about a firm with a history back to 1979 yet had a grand total of three reviews across the entire web. Why is that important? The reason they have so many reviews is probably because they link to review groups from their own websit... Jarmans even ended up saving me more money through good advice ..." < div> In all honesty, there aren't many downsides we could spot and only two worth mentioning. However, most of the testimonials Jarmans have displayed are quite in-depth: class="infoquote &bullet... class="infoquote "For further information or to book an appointment please contact us via Phone, Email, Fax or Online Form. However, they are currently rated 2.9 stars on Google. The firm's site is currently at with bein... They also deal with setting aside statutory demands over consumer credit agreements where goods and services have been purchased using credit. On top of that, they offer advice and services relating to Will Disputes, Inheritance Act Claims, Personal Insolvency, Employme... This is not because we're any smarter than the next person. There are plenty of public review forums though with people shouting derogatory things with their CAPSLOCK permanently glued down. class="infoquote "You receive 100% of the compensation awarded; Your co... That makes it even more important to bookmark the correct site because https: money 2017 jan 14 lost-67000-conveyancing-scam-friday-afternoon-fraud-legal-sector-email-hacker" scammers will often purchase< a> domains similar to the firm they pretend t... Typically fake reviews are easy to spot because they are done on a whim or in desperation by the business owner. We checked a few simple error variants such as linkylaw or linkeelaw, but according to the public stats most people seem to remember the name well enough. Sounds ... However one thing they do (which we don't) that could be very helpful - is allow clients to leave reviews on each firm. Yet six months later after considerable begging, Google are still refusing to remove that review. So how does Alexander JLO stack up? They have an excell... how long they've been practising). Tesco changed their representation twice and then admitted liability" < div> If you've already read through several law firm's websites today, you may have spotted how much of the 'testimonials' sound the same. It's a great tool where i... We cannot take your details and pass them on. A quick note on navigation: the main website is with seeming to be owned by a different firm. You can search the qualification dates of any solicitor on The Law Society website, and fo... (*drink, drugs and fail to provide trials run from June 2018 to June 2019.)"< div> Winning actual trials is a much harder job than simply helping someone mitigate the penalties. We're reading solicitor's websites daily. This is a shame and hopefully more people will se... Typically it's https: money 2017 jan 14 lost-67000-conveyancing-scam-friday-afternoon-fraud-legal-sector-email-hacker" law firms who handle property matters< a> that are targeted because the scammers want to redirect deposits payments being made. So no... You can do this for most firms in the UK if you ever want to check up on their claims of great experience. Some firms collect client details just to sell on to other solicitors. There were two pages titled about "sponsorship" that ended up being about horse accident co... Even if a clarification note were provided, it probably wouldn't help. So why are we mentioning it? Because people reading reviews are seeking in-depth and atypical information. If you've already read through some of our other law firm reviews, you'll know by now that... Many of the variants such as .com or .com are all owned by other people. The https: office 450265 ventura-law-limited" page for this firm< a> shows the qualified members of staff. However most ...

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