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We've been in the legal industry a long time and have written dozens of review articles on law firms over the years. We've collected the best into our main website: Google currently lists them 4.6 5 stars, but there are only five ratings and no actual comments next to each. https: firms 9330-chambers-of-jason-beer-qc 9330-london-england " The Legal 500< a> page about them also uses similar wording in it's praise: ... class="infoquote "We ensure that customer service, rather than our profits, is the number one priority."< div> This is another claim every single firm will make in one way or another on their website. For example legal matters such as a wills or debt recovery... class="infoquote "We also provide expert legal advice ..."< div> If the firm you're checking out is located in England Wales then they will most likely be registered with the main Law Society for that area. Especially in England and Wales where things can easily f... (Both genuine law firm names.) Plus most scammers https: money 2017 jan 14 lost-67000-conveyancing-scam-friday-afternoon-fraud-legal-sector-email-hacker" are targeting property law firms< a> due to the large payouts and ease of tricking people into dep... (No ... Is that uncommon? Yes. class="infoquote "Our solicitors provide personalised guidance and experienced representation throughout the legal process, always working towards your best possible outcome."< div> Again, claiming a large amount of experience is so... fully explained in easy to understand terms the various options available. There aren't nearly as many security concerns with a Wills & Probate specialist firm than with those that specialise in other matters such as Property (just seach for 'conveyancing bank details scam' ... So how as a front end website browsing consumer can you tell which claims are potentially true? If the will writing service you're looking at is run by or at least backed by a law firm, then they will absolutely state this. Unfortunately we're still unclear on the var... https: static connected-families conveyancing-email-scam-hackers-steal-house-deposit " Mostly it involves property matters< a> as they naturally involve large amounts of money moving around. Whilst you may think Legal Aid is something like the NHS (i.e.... People have given away millions each year to fraudsters. The full firm's title is Aspire Licensing & Administrative Services with the official web address of, currently is not in use. class="infoquote "Our advisors have... This article is only about the Avery Walters side though and the website for them is with redirecting you there as well. So how can you tell the jargon from the actual promises and the quality firms from the bad? Well, there are ... The official company name is AHW Legal Ltd which is what shows on the Companies House records and The Law Society pages we linked to above. There are the usual customer testimonials around the site, but as we already know from last year's poll - people have an instant... We always advise reading actual comments rather than just flicking through ratings though. We always commend The Law Society of England & Wales for their excellent website providing a wealth of user-side data to potential clients. However these information spots are ofte... The most common errors of,, and to a lesser extent the dot coms as well are all owned by other companies too. Never discuss bank details via email and just try to keep aware of which website you are on. class="infoqu... As you'll see, DFA Law have a wide range of experienced staff such as Peter Critchell and John Keeble who qualified as solicitors in 1985 and 1997 respectively. In this review we'll try and point out the most useful we've found. So how do we know DFA Law have experience st... At the moment most scammers are https: news business home-movers-warned-scammers-could-be-targeting-their-deposit-or-other-finances " targeting property solicitors and their clients< a> because of the huge house deposits they are so easily obtaini... A real established and recognised group. Now whenever there are various court matters where you will need a barrister - you can usually hire one yourself directly. They also state: class="infoquote "we have provided high-quality legal representation to clients in... They didn't provide any specifics other than to state something such as having been dealt with 'rudely'. class="infoquote "We offer free legal advice and take on claims on a 'no win no fee' basis."< div> On this we just want to point out that every single persona... Certainly if you can get these basic answers sorted first, you can get much more out of your free consultation . However in lieu of such being available yet: class="infoquote "I received a Notice saying my vehicle had been caught speeding ... But basic matters such as... class="infoquote "Hawkridge & Company solicitors ensure a personal and supportive approach to every client"< div> Unfortunately when it comes to law firms, there aren't always a huge amount of reviews available. A good range of seasoned experience alongside fres... class="infoquote "We act on our client's instructions, always putting our clients first and ensure that their needs are met"< div> Again something very easy to check up on, however care should always be taken when browsing through comments left by people online. ... For example, the firm is called R James Hutcheon Solicitors but the website is ( does not redirect you there) with the Hutcheon Law name mentioned a few times across it as well. We would therefore recommend bookmarking the site if y... That's why we have local, international, large, small, general practice, niche boutique, solicitors, barristers, accountants, paralegals and more. The reviews were always mixed in on each site though. class="infoquote "this company came with good recommendations, very... Criminal Law, Divorce, Estate Planning and Property matters are all areas where potential clients would typically rather have a single-case-focused firm handling their matter. We saw only two firms with similar names. According to our poll a couple of years ago, the majority... The number of firms who also state exactly what the award is for - not so much. Stating the actual award is therefore a big plus in their favour and less common than you'd expect from companies within the legal industry. But beyond the claims, how can you research the back... They have a range of articles clearly meant to help out people with the basics. class="infoquote "Our top-notch legal services are not limited to UK residents, but we are also delivering superior legal affair services for Pakistani citizens."< div> As just mentio... So why did we invite Kudos Legal on board? As mentioned already, we think it's a big plus to have offices and qualified solicitors on both sides of the border with their location in Preston and one in Glasgow. class="infoquote - "... For some reason, people rea... You can always hang up and call back on the phone number you know is correct. But the solicitor will always get the blame. But they do have a section which we believe all firms should provide to allow peo... We did find a few still hanging around: class="infoquote "They took the time to understand how our business works and the quality of the documents is excellent." "Great team and management. If you check out https: office 631933 lin... Mason Bullock have also tried to raise awareness of the terrible injustice of CCJs in recent years ever since an online claims process has allowed debt firms to channel cases through a Northampton 'court' that will give them legal powers without ever having heard from... No-one seems to go for 'macewan' or hyphenated versions of the domain. But you'd be wrong. class="infoquote "Use our Instant Property Valuation Tool to get an instant, online estimate of what your property in 39 seconds!"< div> It sounds good, and it works as des... class="infoquote "At MGBe Legal we specialise in personal and business immigration."< div> We've discussed the pros and cons of using specialist firms before, but there are obvious reasons people's minds immediately jump to wanting niche professional help in su... It's a hugely helpful resource. They ask us about car accidents we've never been in then hang up when we ask them to repeat their company details. Also, they may be registered with a far more local niche Law Society rather than one of the larger organisations. I never felt r... It absolutely is possible for a firm to be a specialist in this area in the same way a Family Law specialist will be expert in both Divorce and Child Support matters. So how can you check the real background of a legal practice? Most legal professionals will be sign... If you've used our site before to find legal help, then you'll already be aware that we do not cram every single law firm we can find into our lists. However we do try to make sure you have varied options in the type of legal services available. Just make sure to read the ... And there doesn't seem to be any other firms with similar names to cause confusion. We once saw someone leave a negative review for a Criminal Law specialist for refusing to listen to them about their Divorce case. There are many wonderful firms without a single drop of pu... Any possible errors such as 'pacific solicitors' or 'pacific legal' may bring up different results in the search engines. But sadly the confusion over 0345, 08000, 0808, 0871, etc. Versus the other side proclaiming their distate for all things stuffy and blasting a thesaur... But so far we've not seen anything too extreme such as beanbag chairs in the conference room. (We once had a negative comment because we helped lawyers and the person hated lawyers.) They do have some testimonials on their website: class="infoquote "This is a firm... If you use up the hour asking questions you could have had the answers to for free online - then that's money down the drain. neither or are currently owned by the firm) it'd be a good idea to bookmark the correct site once you're ... They don't promise you an ipad or a Sainsbury's voucher for making a claim with them. The main site we link to above is, currently does not redirect you there. However, whilst we would normally issue warnings and recommend various... they don't even mention your claim type on the front page of their website or in the dropdown menu of their information pages) - then you may be better off going elsewhere to a firm that does seem to actively want such types of cases. Northern Ireland, like much of here in t... Every single legal professional will state they provide expert legal advice . What does that mean? For us it indicates that the firm genuinely do have an affinity and expertise for the two areas of law . Law societies can be national, countywide, or attached to a larg... They would then contact a barrister to actually do the work and court representation. Direct Access is something barristers have to apply for and be qualified to offer. Not just for the legal industry either. The fact Robin has decided to focus on an area he knows fro... class="infoquote "We are a well established market leader in England & Wales dedicated to offering our clients the best solutions available on the market at the best prices in an accurate and timely manner."< div> That's a snippet from The Search Bureau's website.... We work exclusively with clients who have serious and catastrophic injuries. Obviously the firm has the standard testimonials on their website. Nothing to do with our services at all. Especially if you search for related terms such as 'serious injury' or 'serious injury... However, we also have experienced consultants in other areas of law."< div> Most firms will have some sales-pitch statement like this on their website about how great their lawyers are. Julian Cohen and Mark Feldmann for example qualified back in 1975 and 1970 respectiv... But how are people feeling about the services they've received from Stenfield Solicitors? The firm doesn't have a testimonials page, but that's actually not a big issue for us or most other either. class="infoquote "Our key objective is to provide solid, reliable and... These are not light-hearted pandering titles. These are therefore some snippets from the company's own testimonials section on their website: class="infoquote "Will is extremely well connected and his knowledge of the legal market is very impressive." "We were ... Such as: class="infoquote "We use the latest technology to ensure that you are able to track the progress of your claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week." < div> As well as details of their charitable aims including planting a tree for every case and donating part of... The version currently shows nothing and all the typical typos versions we checked such as were also not owned by the firm. The Law Society of England & Wales has an excellent website offering a wide range of information about the le... But after checking up on the credentials of a firm and looking up whether the 'award-winning service' they tout has actually won some real awards (rather than just being stated hoping you won't check). We don't just add anyone. Another thing that should be mentioned though ...

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