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We've been in the legal industry a long time and have written dozens of review articles on law firms over the years. We've collected the best into our main website: If you've done a little of your own homework, you'll have seen that 33 Legal Ltd was incorporated in early 2017. 9 times out of 10 it's meaningless. My daughter is now 12 and obsessed with something called 'Tik Tok'. They're also very emotional and often deal with horrible a... If you like flip-flop wearing solicitors, great. But at least on this occasion the general portrayal of Acumen's persona matches such revelations. There are other firms advertising above them though, and as, and other variants do no... As always though we explain why with examples, snippets, analogies, and comparisons. Delays cost money and even entire cases. But this firm not only still work with Legal Aid, they have a full section talking about entitlement and how they can help you find out what assistan... We've seen everything from favourite colours and hobbies to pets and dress sense stated in an attempt to warm you to their staff selection. So if you don't like the excitable wording on the firm's official website or you've seen reviews stating that Mr X or Miss Y at the fir... It's rarely there and we make a point of mentioning it in their review along with a snapshot of the infamous "No.1 in the area! (*according to my mother)" billboard produced by a US realtor. One look at Briffa's website though with the large text, bright pinks, yellows, an... We work with insurers to ensure that we minimise their indemnity spend in all areas."< div> When they're not pursuing compensation for injured parties, they're working to help insurers fight fraudulent or frivolous claims. We're linking to whic... However, I've also personally written and commissioned many articles about the shameful legal bill that burdens our NHS each year. We support the NHS."< div> Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but if I am - I won't be the only one. etc.' disclaimer is relevant in this instanc... But apparently not to read or write reviews. "Can I change the locks to the family home?", "What are the consequences if I were to move out of the family home?", "My husband wife has threatened to stop paying the mortgage and bills, what can I do?" , and "Can I take my chi... Just flicking through titles such as "Fundamental Dishonesty – A case Analysis", "Jacob Corstorphine V Liverpool City Council", or "Portal Mistakes and Consequences" and you get the sense that these people really love their work. The rest are all 4-5 star reviews saying the ... If there were really that many people getting away with things because of a technicality then the laws would constantly be being changed. (*drink, drugs and fail to provide trials run from June 2018 to June 2019.)"< div> Winning actual trials is a much harder job than s... But it's your solicitor that often gets blamed if something goes wrong. It was strange on occasions though, because all the good reviews on Google sounded very professional with high praise, no spelling mistakes, no excessive capitalisations, no 'grammatical nuances' or an... It can be confusing with all the 0845, 0871, 0843, 0808, 0300, etc. If you https: organisation people 469018 hallmark-legal-services-limited?Solicitors=True" look at the page< a> for this firm's Hull office, you'll see that the two main solici... I couldn't recommend more highly."< div> class="infoquote "I was very impresses with the fast and helpful advise I received from Phoebe Gunputh at Helix Law. Even offering to look through some contracts to see If she can help further. What will it cost: Fixed Prices, ... One person said it cost more than a different firm they hired in the past which we assume has more to the tale than that ... surely? That's why we always recommend reading the reviews rather than just looking at stars. They are quite brief and basic, but when you're paying f... On their website you'll find a full list of staff with photos, basic histories and specialities for each. The latter even lists HJA's articles in the Google News search results alongside the BBC, Guardian, Times, etc. The firm actually opened a club in their basemen... (That's actually the first time we've seen a law firm mentioned on NetMums.) There are hundreds of reviews about IWC Probate and Will Services which is also rather unusual. Originally 0800 was only free on landlines and charged at quite an extortionate rate on mobiles. 200... That's much rarer than you might think. Whilst staff details are normally just a quick footnote in most of our other articles, on this occasion it seems key to the setup. Claire O’Mahony joined the firm in 1994 and is experienced in all aspects of family law includi... They do not act for banks or lending institutions, allowing them a clear focus on one side of the fence. You will be able to purchase "one-off Pay As You Go (PAYG) legal services at any time with prices starting at just £250 for a specific, agreed legal service to be p... The official site we link to above is but with a double 't' in there and some easily switchable terms such as or we would recommend bookmarking the site once on it to save accidently coming back to ... But often some stuff in plain sight might not be as noticeable as you think. Obviously if we've added Kuddus Solicitors to our network and are recommending them to people - we're going to have more 'pro' things to say about them than 'con' . For Kuddus' entry you can see th... There's a full page of Success Stories and Testimonials dotted around. That's not to say they don't have plenty of promotional stuff as well. Special thanks to Gillian for all her help and hard work!" • "I have used them for GDPR and i cannot fault them." •... We offer a free assessment of your case at the beginning."< div> Sounds great but most firms have statements like these on their site. However in my opinion it's typically a marketing ploy. Great! class="infoquote "You can contact us at any time to discuss your ca... Even though it's been well over a decade since the law changed to allow people direct access to a barrister rather than going through a solicitor - for some reason the majority of people still are not aware. That barrister would then show up to court once that stage was reac... There have been reports of https: money 2017 jan 14 lost-67000-conveyancing-scam-friday-afternoon-fraud-legal-sector-email-hacker" scammers hijacking property solicitors communications< a> to try and get the money deposited in to their own bank account... So whilst the company branding is just over a decade old, there are six decades worth of combined experience already in it. For SBW Law they list two solicitors: Patricia Rosaleen Scully (admitted as a solicitor in Dec 1994) and Alasdair James Brown (admitted as a solicitor... We understand military training, duties in barracks and ... and have 20 Years of Experience in Personal Injury Law"< div> Sadly, the marketing gurus have got to the legal industry and even though the majority of firms you'll have researched so far will state they have h... Choosing between 10 law firms that all seem the same is not really 'choice' in our opinion. Currently is not owned by anyone and are different companies. However, we checked and the reviews are all spread out ov... Although our offices are based in Birmingham, our service is nationwide with caseworkers situated up and down the country."< div> We will make a quick note on navigation as well. There were only two ratings on Google Reviews, both with no comments just 5 stars. In the s...

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