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We've been in the legal industry a long time and have written dozens of review articles on law firms over the years. We've collected the best into our main website: However this actually makes it much harder to find client reviews of the firm. Until recently, the public didn't have any say in this. On this site like most chambers you'll be presented with each barrister's case focus, experience and usually some testimonials for each indi... Whilst this can fall into the same trap of the branding not always reflecting the experience of the actual lawyer assigned to your case - it is far more geniune a way to describe the firm's experience. One is to quote an ancient founding date such as 'established in 1882!'... Having just an "a" in front of "conveyancing" did cause some minor issues when trying to research the firm. Of course, there will be several other variants available such as or using "a-conveyancing" as the web address. Such as when looking up news articl... As the name is quite unique there shouldn't really be problems like you get with some firms that use generic terms in their names e.g. Sadly there weren't many independent reviews across the usual third party forums such as Google, Facebook, Yell, Trustpilot and Ye... We're sad to say that our own native (Scottish) Law Society could learn a thing or two from the English Welsh setup. We also saw alot of searches for Allsop Durn Dearlove, but that seems to just be an older name for the firm. This firm https: o... Thankfully these days there are a large number of indepedent review boards such as Google, Trustpilot,, Yelp and so on. https: " The Law Society of England & Wales< a> for example can be searched by legal practitioner's name or the name of t... Hopefully we'll get an article about it out soon and we'll insert a link here to help. Unfortunately we're still unclear on the various qualifications than can be obtained. Unlike a single fixed firm with maybe a dozen employees, it's much harder to use testimonials or indep... The official site we link to above is and just to clarify - you can't have an ampersand in a web address so www.asghar& will never exist. A mix of older, wiser mentoring along with the hungrier, younger generation is always a good idea for an... Obviously, never discuss such payments via email or even with someone that calls you up. Certainly we can't think of one that's more niche off-hand, but we've been doing this for over twenty years now. Other benefits of working in such a specific section of law includ... You may also see other names such as Avery Walters Ellis Solicitors and Avery & Walters Ltd mentioned when looking around for information. So don't think we're pushing that bookmarking stuff just to promote the firm. Certainly there is no 200+ year old solicitor working behi... With so many other variants and names in the mix (e.g. There are the usual customer testimonials around the site, but as we already know from last year's poll - people have an instant distrust of these no matter what the industry. class="infoquote "We are a ... class="infoquote "Providing quality legal services since 1980"< div> Considering so many firms are quoting histories as far back as the 1800s, this number may look almost new in comparison. However the whole ancient-history-boasting across the legal industry is r... At the moment nearly every search variant we tried such as 'cateralls solicitors' or 'catterals solicitors' still brought up the correct firm. There are so many typical high-street-looking types of law firms around these days it can be hard to find differences between ... The English Welsh Law Society's website is actually the best we've seen amongst it's peers. In any industry, not just for law. always very approachable, both personal contact and by email" "very courteous , explained everything thoroughly ..." "... Sometimes when... It was still very positive : class="infoquote "excellent on the day ... The official website we link to above is and will redirect you there. Another statement on their front page that stands out is: clas... They want clients 2 miles, 20, or even 200 miles away. Be aware that if you search for 'pump court barristers' or other related terms you may see,,, and more show up the search results. you'll ... A very encouraging mix of experience alongside new blood eager to prove themselves. class="infoquote "At Fieldfisher we cater for clients with complex, difficult and high value personal injury, medical negligence and asbestos claims."< div>. class="infoquote "... It's a common misconception that general practice firms are less able to handle various case types than specialists. Certainly if you can get these basic answers sorted first, you can get much more out of your free consultation . Failing to give driver identity information,... The official website we link to above is with being about some WWII land renovation project. class="infoquote "With highly trained experts on hand to advise on your particular case, you will always receive a fully informed, clear and ... Howe & Co are registered with The Law Society of England & Wales which is a great resource offering a huge amount of information to users. Howe & Co seem to have solicitors from every decade of their history including Martin Howe (qualified in 1983), Mark Collins (1991), N... 6 x solicitors in the firm with 3 years experience each = 'nearly 20 years of combined experience' . If the firm's website doesn't at least mention your case type on their front page, then it is likely it's not something they are either seeking or handling on a regular basi... Newry has a Polish Families Community Association with bustling Facebook page and all. class="infoquote "Ian graduated from Queen's University, Belfast with a Bachelor of Laws Degree in 1999. class="infoquote "this company came with good recommendations, very g... These types of ancient establishment dates that are commonly touted on law firm websites are simply marketing ploys to instill a sense of history and experience. Obviously this brings up the question of 'company establishment dates'. As we said, the official site will b... Khan Law has the obligatory testimonials on their website. class="infoquote "Raees ... But beyond the claims, how can you research the background of any solicitor you want to use? Unfortunately people in Scotland are at a disadvantage when it comes to independent info... You may get a one year qualified solicitor from a 200 year old firm. Such as: class="infoquote "have gone beyond and above in all areas of our transaction" "an immense pleasure to acquire your proficient services" "carried out all the required responsibilitie... We include general law firms, niche practices, sole practitioners, barristers, accounting services, debt collectors and more as each can help with various legal matters in different ways. Whilst scammers tend to https: money 2017 jan 14 lost-67000-conve... Certainly we've had similar problems and it took six months to get a response out of Google. One called 'Elvin Moore Solicitors'. We're not too fond of people sharing their favourite colours or pet names. A good mix of seasoned wisdom alongside young blood eager to prove th... The internet provides access to information, stats, reviews and so on. But it's certainly up there on the list. Sadly there is a large chunk of business owners who will whole heartedly accept what a YouTube vlogger tells them is the correct way to do things. The f... So it's always a good idea to bookmark sites like this if you plan on returning and never discuss payments or bank details via emai.. There are far better paying areas of law which is probably why so few firms get involved. For example they still linked to the now very def... As the firm deals with property matters, this raises the possibility of scams which are on the rise despite the https: money consumer-affairs property-sellers-warned-not-to-email-solicitors-we-lost-204000 " huge number of news articles< a> and war... After us praising The Law Society of England & Wales for having such a great site, we have noticed that they currently link to an outdated web address of which no longer takes you to a site about this firm. However whilst you may see hundreds ... currently does not display anything but there is a website. However, it should be available across their range of claims services as it's mentioned in the majority of their other advertising. It also helps them hide who they ... Last year we worked heavily with rehabilitation specialists trying to get more law firms to consult with such experts on a more regular basis. So reading both the lines themselves and the stuff inbetween, you can be pretty confident that such would not be the case with ... Right now, a search for "OJ Solicitors" on search engines brings up the correct firm with the official website. Quite often you'll see negative ratings with comments that don't even sound as though they are talking about the correct firm. Another... class="infoquote "OTS Solicitors is one of the UK's leading law firms located in the City of London."< div> No matter how many law websites you've already dug through today, you'll have seen such a statement on all of them. Most people know how to spot fake review... But the major mobile players we checked all direct 0800 for free now. We've also seen dozens of negative reviews followed by comments from the firm stating 'this person has never been a client of ours'. We've been working with law firms for over twenty years now and some hav... There's therefore been quite a surge in the number and type of legal service provider popping up to meet the demand. class="infoquote "At Penerley we are committed to providing the best possible level of service to our clients."< div>. Whilst people are very hap... Many solicitors will charge a fixed fee for an initial consultation. We noticed though, that some of the reviews on the third party boards are actually the ones used on the Penn Chambers' website: class="infoquote "Sound advice and the professional approach to my div... class="infoquote "We understand the devastating and traumatic effect being a victim of a violent crime, domestic or sexual abuse can have. This is a costs drafting firm aimed at lawyers themselves. Lastly, when you search for the "rd costings" name on a search engine ... The Law Society of England & Wales also have a much better website than most Law Societies, with a wealth of user-side information. class="infoquote "We will happily discuss any legal issue with you with a free, no obligation, initial interview."< div> To clarif... class="infoquote "Providing expert legal advice and representation for Personal injury, Immigration, Professional Discipline and litigation matters."< div> If you've already flicked through a dozen other law firm's websites today in your search for representation,... We checked with Google, Yelp, and Trustpilot as well as some other sites like ours that recommend or list barrister information. In fact, across every site we checked we did not find a single negative comment about Robin's work . For any law office, a lack of p... Each of these partners also have established connections of their own to make their systems just as reliable, effective and efficient including ties to the Environment Agency, Ordnance Survey, and the British Geological Survey. We saw a few other related names includi... Please note that is a completely different firm and currently shows nothing at all. It seems fitting then to now be writing an article about a firm that actually has both . We've just spent a whole month trying to get a negative r... You'll see on the Law Society's staff page about them that they have a huge range of experience levels. But as our poll from a couple of years ago indicated - many of you don't trust company testimonials. How do you know which is best for you? How do you even know what to ... For the past few years https: alert fraudsters-hacking-into-emails-to-divert-house-purchase-payments" thousands of people have handed over millions of pounds< a> to scammers during property sales purchases. Any mentions of 'Stenfield Limited' rel... class="infoquote "We assemble the most efficient legal team for your specific needs; by combining the most suitable people for the matter at hand we centre on striking the right balance between cost and the desired output."< div> Unlike a business law solicitor wh... The firm's local newspaper, Salford Now, http: 2020 12 16 i-never-imagined-that-i-could-have-my-own-law-firm-salford-woman-sets-up-the-injury-solicitor-to-help-locals " ran a story on the company's start up< a> last year. But if you win, there ma... So whether your case is an injury at work, in a car, or on a pavement - the core practice is the same. However a poll we ran a couple of years ago indicated that most people don't trust company's own testimonials anyway. No matter what firm you're researching though, we alwa... 'trust' and 'inheritance'. The Law Society of England & Wales is actually one of the best we've seen for this sort of user-focused data provision. There are dozens out there, but the most commonly used are Google Reviews, Yelp, Trustpilot and Yell. So why might y...

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