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We've been in the legal industry a long time and have written dozens of review articles on law firms over the years. We've collected the best into our main website: However, we were pleased to see that the staff of 33 Legal treat social media in a way you would expect a firm dealing with such serious matters to do. We are devoted to our clients and in ensuring that they achieve the compensation they are rightly due."< div> Okay,... The reason is, we feel too much is made of the financial 'reward' of pursuing a compensation claim. They back up this ethical attitude by doing something very few solicitors still bother with - Legal Aid. Usually firms try to get in as many buzz words as possible straight a... Whilst that is most definitely information about the company, it doesn't provide you with anything to help you decide on using them over another firm . It would be great if review boards had a filter to see reviews of the actual location you might be considering rather than... Most people won't bother clicking the 'Blog' link on commercial websites because typically that's exactly what they are - i.e. If you don't know how passionate you have to be about a subject to keep a real blog going - just try it. Where does this love of all things IP... Online case tracking is a positive step and any firm doing it gets a handful of brownie points from us. So whether some firms excel in a particular area of law or simply had the largest amount of enquiries in June of 2016 - quite a lot of firms could be 'leading' in one wa... And obviously we think a lot of the firm otherwise they wouldn't be on our network. We will help to arrange housing modifications and adaptations or find appropriate alternative accommodation to aid discharge home and ongoing requirements."< div> Having the funds to ta... As the head of the firm, Clive Lawrance specialises in Family Law and: class="infoquote "... But we also check links, phone numbers, and general reputations of our network firms over time. excels in all aspects of divorce with particular emphasis on the resolutio... But if you look past the required sentiments, you might have missed little things like the firm's Blog section . We don't demand perfection from any firm but we do our regular checks such as SRA verification, flicking through the Legal Ombudsman reports, ensuring they offer... our lawyers have a wealth of experience in dealing with legal matters from start to finish." < div> That's one of the biggest concerns for people and something that will always incur negative reviews for a firm. Thankfully, GloverPriest have not done that. A 200-year ol... That's why we always recommend reading the reviews rather than relying on star ratings because we've honestly seen a criminal law specialist be given a one star rating for refusing to take on someone's divorce case. class="infoquote "We are proud of the fact th... People want these sorts of US-lawyer-drama-tactics for themselves and assume only a hardened, life-long criminal law firm will know all the current loopholes available. In truth, the best motor offence firms do not employ tricks but simply work within a legal framework ... often referred to as 'thin content' or 'click-bait'. Even offering to look through some contracts to see If she can help further. It sounds so simple, as if it would be common sense for all firms to do it - but they don't. Just with this alone we would highly recommend bookm... By the umpteenth award, we did what most people would do - i.e. They still work with Legal where possible, but every year it seems that government cuts strip away access to justice. It also mentions the little fact that Cherie Blair opened their new offices in 1997 - invited... class="infoquote "There are various of ways to contact us, including Telephone, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, BBM, Mail, Webform or Email. But there's also plenty of wider topics that may be worth a quick read before actually picking up the phone to talk to anyo... When we first started reviewing law firms 20+ years ago, that was standard because solicitors basically were open the same times as courts. A 100 year old firm may assign you a 1 year qualified solicitor. The second is opening hours. As the firm handles conveyancing and this... Their website was neat and concise lacking the extensive bragging that usually takes place. class="infoquote "For further information or to book an appointment please contact us via Phone, Email, Fax or Online Form. At the time of writing their staff included Sh... They also deal with setting aside statutory demands over consumer credit agreements where goods and services have been purchased using credit. On top of that, they offer advice and services relating to Will Disputes, Inheritance Act Claims, Personal Insolvency, Employme... So yes, we absolutely agree that using a solicitor with focus in a certain area is best. It doesn't take long to realise that no-one wants to read them. We've all seen the tenuous claims of some firms stating they were established in 1880 or older. Whilst a 200-year old firm... However neither or are for the UK law firm. I'm positive that if you check up on some firms boasting decades of history, you'll find the solicitors currently employed there have far less experience than that. There is a review for the crimina... So maybe when asked to write something, they default into sales-speak? I've done it myself. So digging out alternative descriptions took a little longer than usual: class="infoquote • "friendly and professional. Certainly, many of the reviews seem to speak in th... This is not one of Alexander JLO's clients leaving a review. A large number of firms will proudly display ancient establishment dates such as "Founded in 1881", yet on checking their staff records you'll see not one of them has more than 1-10 years of actual experienc... The information below will give you an insight into my legal expertise and career to date." < div> We've written a dozen articles about how legal professionals need to move away from brand focusing and become more personal. Property sales purchases are currently the main... Similarly the firm is no longer using the Harmony Law branding so and don't even redirect to the main site. The RossCoates site does list some staff with contact details so they're part-way there. class="infoquote "We would be ha... Trust us, that's impressive. So sure enough, we sought out a specialist to start recommending to people. So it's not surprising that if a firm has stopped the worst from happening, people will be overwhelmed and want to express their appreciation. This is a shame and hopeful... Also be aware that "no win, no fee" and "100% compensation" do not mean the same thing . Highly recommended!"< div> class="infoquote "... You could get a 1-year qualified solicitor from a 30-year established firm, and a 30-year qualified solicitor from a 1-year establi... Not all types of personal injury can be handled offering both 100% compensation and no win, no fee. We've even seen firms advertise a 150-year history simply because they moved into the building owned by an older firm. The solicitor may still take a cut of your compensation ... They must also have a family, career, and be involved in a "significant cause". However, we checked and the reviews are all spread out over a few years and several of the reviewers have reviewed dozens of other firms as well (i.e it's not 30+ reviews all posted on the same d... class="infoquote "We use all the legal muscle available and where necessary, we know how to tell them to go to hell in such a way they’ll look forward to the trip!" < div> The firm's site is full of language you probably won't expect and that's obviously deliberat...

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