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We've been in the legal industry a long time and have written dozens of review articles on law firms over the years. We've collected the best into our main website: Again, that may not be something you'd consider important when judging a firm . To their credit, they do make it clear on all these sites that they are run by 33Legal with all the same company information listed. Just that we often wrap that information up in ... They back up this ethical attitude by doing something very few solicitors still bother with - Legal Aid. Usually if someone is angry enough to leave a 1 star rating they have plenty to say about why. The main reason many solicitors have dropped Legal Aid is because of the c... You wouldn't get away with just saying "5 stars!" in real life. Unfortunately when a lot of companies do something, consumers tend to get the impression that information is relevant. We did find a few though: class="infoquote • "Great service, at great value. T... Not everything we say in our reviews is positive or even 'constructive criticism'. But as it's likely you'll be dealing with payments and sensitive documents - it might be an idea to bookmark the site to ensure you always come back to the correct place.. They may also deal w... 'Injury', 'lawyers', and 'UK' are words used a lot in web addresses for such firms so it might be easy to get confused and the last thing you want is to accidentally enter your details into a lead site that ends up selling your details on.. So whether some firms excel in a p... We love case studies and a recent poll showed that the public love them too. To date, everyone seems very impressed with CFG on their own merits and have not requested further opinions from us. A photo, some history and details of expertise go a long way to instilling trust ... lacking an online presence. If we see a lot of people using our internal search to seek a review article on a particular firm - we write one. Yet despite CSL Law having been on our network since 2014, no-one has asked. This month, we noticed that when putting CSL Law in... Solicitors tend to pick comments that are utterly glowing but lacking any information that could help a potential client actually decide whether they sound like the type of firm they're after. You can't get '&' characters in web addresses anyway. The majority of solicitor's ... This may be reserved for house purchases sales only though. We've seen negative reviews for when the buyer seller pulls out, for incorrect local searches, for third party delays - all of which the client believed their solicitor should have been able to sort. As someti... So does Graysons have the staff to back up the intimation of experience? Short answer - yes. It's in the Google Reviews about 10 from the bottom. We don't recommend spending time finding out the background of each award recommendation each law firm quotes. Calling a s... Certainly plenty of law firms proudly boast histories such as 'Established in 1901'. Either way, how old the brand name of a firm is can often be quite meaningless. class="infoquote "In support of the £1 Million of Employment, Hallmark Solicitors are offering bus... Tell us your problem and lets see if we can help."< div> but the majority of the front page actually contains visible lists about what they do, who they do it for, and what payment structures are available. Who we help: Small Businesses, Property Investors, Landlords ... There does seem to have been a website at at some point, and you may see it pop up in the search results of Google. However it shouldn't be ignored as a result. At the time of writing there were 162 on TrustPilot, 81 on Reviews, 60 on Google, and so... IWC's estate planning, wills, and probate services in Braintree are all available through an 0800 number listed above and on the firm's website. The problem is that solicitors are not making burgers or installing your TV. But we've written in several articles before about ho... A quick note on navigation as the double 's' in could pose the possibility of errors. If a firm has only a couple of these, it might feel as though you don't know enough to decide. Jarmans Solicitors have everything we usually referenc... Certainly firms that are modernised and set up to communicate with people in the way they're most comfortable with are more desirable than those still rigidly requiring physical face to face meetings during business hours. Overall we would state that HUMD Solicitors co... Often a conditional fee arrangement is put in place where the client pays no money up front, but as much as 25% to 30% of any monies 'won' during a case will be paid to the solicitor on completion. They also cover mortgage mis-selling by brokers and lenders, financial mis-se... There are a wide range of reasons for this. Kept fully informed throughout my personal injury claim." "Kuddus is a very professional organisation."< div> As usual, the testimonials on the firm's website are glowing - just not the most insight-giving. (Note www.kudd... The firm's website obviously states they've been helping clients for over 25 years . I'm sure you've seen many law firms quoting a heritage harking back to Victorian times. We are linking to the site above. For all we know they were reviewing the w... There will be a dozen or so 5 star reviews all placed on the same day 6 months ago by users that have only ever left one review on any firm. They do not waste their clientís time with what they donít need, they know the law and can explain it clearly to their clients."< div>... That's not the same as being accredited. What should have been a simple transaction with no chain took over six months to complete ..." < div> It goes on for quite a bit after that. The only other issue we spotted was the web address of which o... I genuinely found myself in that position six years ago after being injured just outside a water treatment plant. Usually with excessive punctuation and intermittent ALLCAPS. class="infoquote "The Claimant started a claim for compensation after falling into a sunken ma... The reasons for which vary, such as one brand being used for a specific case type to help boost it in a marketing drive. class="infoquote "Over the years, we have had plenty of time to experiment with what does work, (and what does not) and today we offer a service wit... class="infoquote "Having acted for drivers from all walks of life, from the man in the street to premiership football stars and numerous high profile actors, we know that everyone needs help when facing prosecution."< div> This is the closest they probably come t... clear and efficient service - would recommend"< div> class="infoquote "I would highly recommend using sbw law solicitors ..."< div> I know businesses love these types of reviews, but as a consumer they don't really provide much in the way of useful information. ... Photos of a 'villain' and heart-breaking cliches are not included. Case studies are something we originally thought only industry professionals would want to take the time to read. So when deciding which firm to go with make sure to ask up front about potential fees and don'... However it doesn't provide much to help you distinguish Thamina Solicitors from the majority of other firms you'll have checked out today. Please note, however, that Mrs Universe is nothing like the much-maligned Miss Universe. Let's begin with some background you might... helped my wife whilst trying to agree a flexible working request following from maternity leave. They also provide quite in-depth staff profiles for people to read over. People who leave one star ratings with no context to say why should be ignored in our opinion . Speedin...

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