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Here's the follow up list of review articles we've published on UK law firms that have turned out quite popular. Let us know what you think using the vote button: So don't be taken in by claims of "Established in 1880" on many legal websites as if it means something incredible. Sadly the focus is often money, money, money and it's all too common for marketing companies to push that ideal when trying to tempt you into using a particula... and various other things we thought were necessary before passing someone on. and (minus the extra "s") currently show absolutely nothing. The guy behind ACS, was one of the people that worked with us on that old ... Such is their expertise, that they are often called up to write for motoring publications, keeping the nation's drivers abreast of the issues which could affect their driving licence. The clue is in the name. The whole system seems rigged and the police can badger you... They also state: class="infoquote "We charge fair, reasonable rates or act on a NO WIN NO FEE basis where possible ... Obviously the solicitors themselves are the key, so we'll start with the Managing Partner - Amit Patel. Some are not so directly relevant but simply ... We will always ensure that your rights and needs are upheld and you receive the structure and response at the [sic] most difficult time. It is not uncommon to require at least three separate service providers to achieve all of the above. When you consider there are 1 m... They have expanded their Aberdeen operations in 2016 by merging with the 25-year-old law firm http:" Duthie Ward< a> solicitors. However, and are currently owned by different people. Duthie Ward's partne... They also determine one point of contact for your claim within the firm, and aim to answer or respond to all telephone calls the same day and client's emails within 24 hours.. They aim to explain clearly the merits and risks of a case with you up front. They handle all the u... looks like an attempt at a modern mobile phone design. windows layout) http:< a> - one of theirs too. Considering the amount of coverage things like PPI and bank mistakes negligence get - ... Not everything we say in our reviews is positive or even 'constructive criticism'. But as it's likely you'll be dealing with payments and sensitive documents - it might be an idea to bookmark the site to ensure you always come back to the correct place.. If you've read other... We love case studies and a recent poll showed that the public love them too. We've been recommending CFG Law to people with injury claims for some years now. So there's is unlikely to be confusion and people trying to enter that as a website address. people searching for "cf... But in this case, we'd advice it anyway just in case your memory lets you down as you type and you end up going in circles for a little while and cursing Google's name! A last little snippet: class="infoquote "Our team are approachable, organised, enthusiastic and... Fortunately, both the media and public perception has changed. that have to be covered when reviewing a law firm. There are always other benefits of using a large firm, such as the technology they invest in. Well, I'll start off this article with something very positiv... Isobel Addison and Anita Arora each have about 20 years practising law, with around 10 of those years being spent at Davey Law. I'm going to stuff your brain so full of information about the normal-ness of this firm, you'll end up convinced that being regular makes somethin... For example many would prefer to have a dozen reviews all saying "Would totally recommend!" rather than a varied selection of comments such as "Timely manner", "regular updates", "solicitor always available and happy to answer questions", etc - i.e. It would look odd if they... Even if you decide not to use a solicitor, at least call one to discuss what options are available. The same effect probably doesn't come from a Divorce or help writing a Will. class="infoquote "This website is packed with information about driving offences and r... That means the people working at a debt collection agency often have to have strong stomachs and resolve to undertake even basic cases. The management team apparently have over 30 years experience in debt collection between them. Even after a decade though, it sounds as... Plus email does have the flexibility of not only time usage for corresponding, but also keeps a written record of the back and forth. But at the start of the article we were trying to get across the point that most solicitors either throw themselves away and embrace everyth... I had the freedom to voice my own fears and concerns safe in the knowledge that Julia would provide sound advice. They are a top Legal 500 practice, and winner of the Lawyer monthly magazine Family Law Firm of the Year UK 2015. Where it is possible they always endeavo... We therefore absolutely recommend bookmarking the official site once you're on it and of course never discuss personal bank details via email. Glover&Priest with the ampersand in the middle is not possible as a web address but is. Certainly, if ther... If a firm has only a couple of these, it might feel as though you don't know enough to decide. Jarmans Solicitors have everything we usually reference when detailing our review of a firm. Either way, it reflects well on their general setup. class="infoquote "We h... My case was handled professionally, with quick responses and constant updates at every stage of my case" "My solicitor was always happy to explain what was happening and in the end, he got me more compensation than what the insurance company were going to offer me" ... The attentiveness to detail that you consistently displayed served to eliminate many potential issues from arising in the first place. However, their site is, not which doesn't seem to work at all. . Their approach means that they... It's as if a website can't be considered 'official' unless you have a bunch of articles no-one ever reads. If you factor in possible common errors we've already seen such as 'helixlegal', 'helixsolicitors' and even more once you start on hyphens - it's not worth the risk. Ev... However if more legal advice providers could stretch to one late night a week or one Saturday clinic a month even - such availability offers always go down well with potential clients . Whilst it's certainly on-topic with their particular client focus - I imagine it's somet... It's a relative term. They've been one of the most successful fundraisers through JustGiving. There does seem to have been a website at at some point, and you may see it pop up in the search results of Google. think "okay, I got it", and move on. An... The clinching piece of information? The fact that she defined the case types she had 'experience' in, as opposed to those for which she felt she had the necessary 'expertise'. mobile friendly). Huneewoth does not have a custom built website. Huneewoth Solicitors has no sepa... However, we have seen comparison sites starting to pop up for legal services and don't recommend using those. That doesn't mean it won't be helpful (at least we hope it will). The chances of any legal situation being resolved to a client's 100% satisfaction is not possible. ... In our original article on the firm, we commented that we were not big fans of the testimonial page which contained too many boiler-plate sounding comments, such as: class="infoquote "I have used QualitySolicitors Jackson Canter many times over the last few years... Make sure to ask and discuss in depth how and when the solicitor taking your case expects to get paid. If you are experiencing debt problems and being threatened with possible court action Joanna Connolly Solicitors naturally advise you to seek legal advice immediately.... They dubbed it "Tesco Law" in reference to the fact that Tesco could now start up a law firm to go along with their insurance, credit card, and mobile phone offerings. Another paragraph that caught our eye, was: class="infoquote "Each of our personal estate managers ar... A barrister has to be qualified to do so, but being able to hire a barrister directly to represent your interests in court can save both time and money for a huge range of cases where a solicitor would usually have to hire someone on your behalf. Prior to practice at the B... For other case types, they do their best to offer fixed prices. He claims 35 years of experience in property and estate related legal issues. That's not to say that firms who don't state a speciality in elderly clients are not capable of having the same understanding. L... Their site doesn't say nearly as much about these services as it does for conveyance, so we can't provide you with much insight. Whilst we can't review Lambertpugh on their actual service (as we don't buy or sell a property every time we review a conveyancing firm!) we are v... If you needed to speak to someone in particular and they were busy you always got a call back quickly." "Tahzeem handled our property very professionally from the start to completion, she is well organised and get things done" "I recently bought a house and they m... a "No Win No Fee" arrangement. It may involve stress, cost and uncertainty. They've acted for 1000's of clients, claiming £millions in compensation for them. But specific to the type of area Cornwall is - they also deal in Holiday Park Law. 'No win no fee' is not the s... Unfortunately, many people end up skipping over the bulk of any text that starts out quite 'sales-pitchy'. But considering they deal with property matters, we recommend bookmarking the site once you're on it . But here's an example of one negative review: class="infoq... A quick note on navigation because whilst typing this review I must have spelled 'maclachlan' wrong about half a dozen times ... (Metaphor not intended.) During our 20 years in the industry we've seen the most tenuous links used to exaggerate shorter timelines. You ge... His website states an estimated saving of around 25% to 50% when compared to that charged by full service, general law firms. Established in 2004, with the objective of offering small businesses and entrepreneurs a cost-effective counsel-type service, Marcus Andreen had... The name on its own will take you to different companies (i.e. and too. There are four at the time of writing this. Luckily, it's a .com rather than a, though, so confusion shouldn't be nearly as high. He is responsible for litigatio... There are no news scandals. They set a high bar for themselves, which will say will be achieved because of their color="green "highly qualified and experienced professionals" < font> providing the color="green "highest quality service" < font> to the color="green "high... The aforementioned Robert Hammond specialises in family law as we said, including divorce of married couples and handling disputes between unmarried couples. They also promise to provide competitive rates, for prompt and efficient legal services, from a friendly team, with m... Some are setup to send threatening letters and to doorstep visits that are backed up with a legal department already in place. Great communication between us and our clients ..." "Account manager kept me in the loop at all times and was very accommodating with the speci... So we were over the moon to get this firm on board in the lower east side of England, where there has been a gap for many months. On their contact page, they list the email addresses and direct contact phone numbers of their main staff, solicitors and legal professiona... Specialist Solicitor." with statements on how each relates to contesting a will. The use of acronyms isn't limited to the firm's own name though. Whilst their desire to write is commendable and their knowledge of the industry clearly apparent - they have skipped the spell ch... Highly recommended!"< div> class="infoquote "... We've seen the most ridiculous claims over the years, such as one firm claiming a 150 history in the area simply because they moved into the building once owned by an older firm. The number of ABS firms has been slowly bu... If you go searching for their site, the main one should be listed at the top of the search results. But this is true for a huge number of firms that handle property matters. Inviting them to join our panel was really a no-brainer. Sifting further it appears that peopl... They even state an expertise in Domestic Violence and promise to take the steps to quickly protect you, your children and your home. We took a quick look at website variants to check for possible problems, and does not exist. Making decisions on ... In fact during our initial search, the only review appearing to be about the correct firm was a 1☆ comment on complaining that the solicitor was too friendly with the police officers. getting the full clear story from the internet was not going to be possible o... They expanded on the firm's personal injury and workers' compensation foundation and things grew from there. From that we would say the overall customer experience must surely be very positive . Thompsons Scotland was only set up as recently as 1979 in Glenfinlas Street, Ed... Having also just passed the big four-oh, I'll probably be leaking more and more in the coming years anyway ... The owner's profile isn't full of hobbies, favourite books, or pet's names either. Enough to have seen plenty of veteran-but-desk-bound solicitors run rings r...

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