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Here's the follow up list of review articles we've published on UK law firms that have turned out quite popular. Let us know what you think using the vote button: But ACS say claims are no risk for clients and with no money needed upfront to pursue a claim. They promise no win, no fee like their southern counterparts. we've all done it! There are considerably more serious pieces though, such as "Scottish Accident Management Firm ... I don't know if you've seen our recent posts, but there have been a lot of fake emails from solicitors going around. Therefore success rates can't be compared directly. Most firms leave this blank or use it as just another space to write nice things about themselves. To me, ... According to the site: class="infoquote "The app will detect that you have been involved in an incident (and) will automatically save the last 15 seconds of your journey along with 5 seconds after the accident. No press releases. There is a news section on Auto Logis... They have a Twitter feed at where we spotted that some of BalfourManson's staff play for the Parlex Group's football team. With the company's branding using plus signs now, you need to know that plus signs "+" ... You will not be passed on to a third party. Barrister-Direct have years of experience dealing with Personal Injury cases in Court and negotiating the best possible settlement for their clients. They in turn will then often approach Barristers for advice and representati... So, we thought we'd better give you the run down: http:< a> - one of theirs. It is not unusual for companies in any industry to create specialist or mini-sites. It expounded on a legal issue that... For example, as you'll no doubt have noticed - the individual serious injury website I've linked to above does not use typical tld identifiers. From their family law page: color="green "When you need legal advice, we'll always be happy to help. He has secured millions... But at the start of the article we were trying to get across the point that most solicitors either throw themselves away and embrace everything they think is 'trendy' - or they refuse to change and seem 'out of touch'. We actually like that. They are not very good for actua... They can also advise and assist on all family issues, including how to restructure your family’s finances and arrangements for children to spend time with both parents and other family members. The firm's owner and Principal Solicitor Julia Brown is a member of resolution, a... all for the name Raj Law. Some law firms will state a range of language abilities, when what they mean is they can get an interpreter into the office within 24-48 hours to translate back and forth. Huneewoth does not have a custom built website. A general 'feel' of a firm ca... For commercial clients, they cover asset sales and purchases, buying or selling a business, construction law, insolvency, intellectual property and more. Certainly the firm tries to stamp its individuality by using phrases such as color="green "common sense legal solu... Simply put, an ABS is a firm handling legal matters that has non-solicitors owning, running, or working within the company. ABSs were introduced by the Legal Services Act 2007 but didn't hit the UK legal services market until about 2012. In these days of Facebook and Li... Buying and selling property is nerve racking. In fact, most times we are flummoxed by the excessive content of sites, the poor accessibility, and the rather bland templated style of testimonials. However, the Lambertpugh site is quite different. Thank you." Which... They also cover the regular range of personal injury compensation claims available. 'No win no fee' is not the same thing as '100% compensation', despite both being thrown around in various law firm's adverts. They cover the usual personal injury types of claims, such a... we will be using your practice again."< div> What you might find odd is that there are zero reviews of the firm across the regular independent review sites such as, Yelp, Facebook, Trustpilot, etc. Is an establishment date in the 1800s important? Not i... Marcus Andreen is a solicitor for commercial and IT law. As a commercial lawyer with more than 20 years’ experience providing legal support to companies and individuals - his clients are mainly fast-growing, successful businesses for the IT, telecoms, e-commerce and communic... They advise on every aspect of buying, selling or letting a property. He is responsible for litigation, criminal law, commercial conveyancing, employment law and equal rights. Mary Doherty picks up the remaining case types such as wills and probate, and domestic conveya... drugs, poca proceedings, benefit fraud, etc.). ;) On navigation, the web address is quite long which isn't always great. So this is a good start. color="green "We are based in West Yorkshire in the heart of the community and pride ourselves on being a local firm ... They have 25 years behind them in the area, which will have given them plenty of time to have a wide, loyal, local client base. you'll agree with us that the website actually reflects a sort of personality to the firm, rather than just being another professional looking webs... (Just kidding. but most importantly - personal contact details including a direct telephone number and email address for each solicitor. Sadly from our experience Citizen's Advice Bureaus around the UK lack the facilities, funding, or staff to provide any meaningful assistan... In fact we found Catherine and Stephen's names popping up on dozens of other websites either as result of work done or partnerships with other firms. There are other websites such as out there with information about the firm and staff,... I mean, really, really rare. Hythe, the small coastal market town on the edge of Romney Marsh, southern Kent - comes from an Old English word meaning "Haven" or "Landing Place". Hythe was once defended by two castles, Saltwood and Lympne. Anyway - we're making too much ... Confused? Well, take this example. Timescale. Contest. this means you pay no upfront costs and we only get paid only if you win your case. Then in the next it was "First Aid. On this occasion, there is actually a lot clarification of what is meant: class="infoquote "... They are relatively a large firm, but we've never found them aloof. They provide so much information on their site, plus offer lower cost setups if clients can do some of the paper work themselves. However, the individual ratings themselves were mostly 5 stars or 1 star. Ho... We check through the Legal Ombudsman's database, law society records, newspapers, and even rummage around page 13 of the search engine results looking for things other people might miss. Please feel free to contact us, 24 hours a day ..."< div> Those two facts about ... This means that in addition to securing the maximum possible compensation in each case, we also seek to provide additional support and guidance. This dramatically affects not only the treatments they may need to seek out but the level of compensation as well. They have offi... 'loopholes'. If I were a famous footballer, I'd expect to be ripped off that amount. does not load for us, and it is possible that you may forget the firm's name and try things relating to Ashworths Solicitors or simply AshworthLaw. Driving with a... We also found the firm listed on which purports to be a list of companies approved by Trading Standards. Of course such rules usually don't work out as you'd expect - (e.g. Providing Accessible and Affordable Legal Services to All. Is there eno...

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